Can Dogs Really See Demons In The Night-The Real Truth?

Can Dogs Really See Demons In The Night-The Real Truth?

by thrilliant

While staying indoors because of COVID-19 pandemic, my mind flashed back to my visit to a Village about 10 years ago and thing in experience about Dogs and demons.

As you know their lots of things that my grandfather always say about night spirts and things we should not do at night, that if we do them, it will be like we’re awaking the spirit of the dead, I Can remember he always tells us not to clap and whistle at night and many other.

Can Dogs Really See Demons In The Night-The Real Truth?

Let me share with you my experience with dogs that see demons in the night.

One night, we were outside as always and there was no moonlight so everywhere was dark just some few local lamp on. We were seated outside with a man in his 70s and he was telling us some stories.


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There was this local dog opposite us just lying down. After a while she started barking. At first we thought she was just disturbing but the dog stood up and was barking continuously, facing a particular direction. What caught my interest was how she walked towards that direction and stood there barking.

Later she stopped but she lied down there. Less than 10 minutes again she stood up like she heard something and started backing again, this time we were concerned, we pointed our torch light at the direction but we couldn’t see anything, it was then the old man told us to relax, that the dog knows why it is barking. She probably had seen an evil spirit or witch and as long as she keeps barking, the spirit can’t come close.

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