Why Magic Cannot Be Use To Rob Banks No Matter What?

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Why Magic Cannot Be Use To Rob Banks No Matter What?

It is illegal for anyone to steal what doesn’t belongs to you and to magicians, it is immoral.

On the practical side, real magic performance requires a lot of rehearsals and a careful selection the audience can see.

Close up magic and street magic are two different things. Magic are very narrowly contained subgenres, precisely because the kind of magics done on a stage often can’t be when the audience is free to move to a different angle and is close to you. It’s impossible to do stage style illusions under those conditions.

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A movie writer has to come up with a story that the audience will believe in the name of entertainment. An actual magician has to come up with a way of doing something that really works and then practice it over and over again until they can consistently pull it off.

In another story I Sell My Body For A Living And Use Black Magic For My Work – Queen Farcadi

24-year-old popular Ghanaian socialite, Queen Farcadi has revealed the real reason she went into prostitution and why she uses charms (Magic) for protection.

In an interview with Delay, the Slay Queen, who confessed to sleeping with several men from different countries said she went into prostitution because she is lazy and can’t work. She also disclosed that she protects herself with some black magic.

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