10 Things To Know When Dating A Co-Worker

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Dating a co-worker

Are you finding your co-worker attractive? Don’t be scared you’re not the only one who has been in this scenario before.

Love can be found anywhere and people majorly spend their working hours in the office but some company policies kick against colleagues getting too intimate. But here’s the thing, working side by side with someone who is attractive and single means you’re likely to share lots of gists, background information, such as likes and dislikes.

There’s a comfort level between office mates that don’t exist with someone you might meet at a club but that doesn’t mean the relationship will be smooth to navigate except you work in different departments.

So you’re finding that lady sitting in the next cubicle cute? follow these tips…

1. Agree on some rules

When dating a co-worker set boundaries when both of you are in the office. This is very important. Don’t ever make the mistake of calling him/her the pet name used in the bedroom at the boardroom. Discuss what kind of contact and communication you’re both comfortable with, bearing in mind that both of you are risking your career.

2. Keep it professional from 8-5

You can be friendly but don’t get too friendly. Allow him to buy his lunch himself, don’t get her gifts in the presence of other co-workers. Don’t do it. Don’t show public display of affection in the office. Keep your encounters at the minimum.

3. Don’t date your boss

Dating your boss might be sweet, he shows you favor, you get promoted, he takes you for vacations while these things are lovely, it can turn your dream job into your worst nightmare. Imagine you guys break up?  Ahah, now you’re thinking what could happen? Well, if you break up with your boss on a toxic note, he will fire you.

4. Don’t mistake a fling for a relationship

Don’t mistake a fling for a relationship. Some people will say and do anything to have someone to sleep with in the office. However, if you guys had a one night stand after an office party, bear in mind that it is a fling but if it leads to a relationship, read point number 2.

5. Don’t be a parrot

Dating a co-worker? Don’t be a parrot. The office environment is a highly political environment, people want to get much closer with the boss, people want your position, so be wise and don’t run your mouth. No doubt some people see gossip like entertainment but remember your career is on the line. Co-workers can go to HR and file a complaint about having to bear witness to your relationship.

6. Don’t flirt with office equipment

Don’t let the devil use both of you. You guys should stay away from office WiFi, office email accounts because IT units can trace these things. Don’t exchange emails, texts using anything owned by the office. I know i have said it before, don’t let the devil use both of you.

7. Be wise when using social media

Yes, you’ve been warned not to use office equipment to flirt, also don’t use put suspicious Facebook status. You might think you got it all figured but remember there might be underlying undertones and your status can blow up your relationship.

8. Don’t be seen in obvious places

Don’t visit the cinema close to your office when dating a co-worker. It’s true that what you do during your private time can’t be questioned but choose hangouts where you will not likely run into colleagues.

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9. Don’t date more than one person from your office

Keep your bad boy and bad girl mentality away. Again, don’t let the devil use you. In the office place, your reputation is more important than your qualification. Guard it jealously.

10. Seek common interests outside of work

Sometimes we’re attracted to people at the office because they share our frustration or have similar career goals. But this shouldn’t be the reason why you should rush into a relationship with a co-worker. Take time to discover who the person you want to date is when he or she is outside the working environment.

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