Northern Actors Threaten To Leave AGN If…

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Northern actors threaten to leave AGN if Senator Abbo is stripped

Some actors in the northern part of Nigeria, have threatened to leave the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) if Senator Elisha Abbo is removed as a patron of the group.

The Adamawa-born lawmaker was recently enlistment as a patron of the group, though this has led to controversy as some actresses called for the reversal of the decision.

Though the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas, has come out to defend the decision, some actresses are still criticizing the move.

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Chairman of the Adamawa state chapter of the AGN, Jimi Lot, has now voiced his view on the whole controversy, stressing that the lawmaker, Elisha Abbo was appointed as a patron of the group because of his philanthropic acts.

Jimi who told Daily Post that Abbo has apologised and should not be held down or delisted by the AGN, averred that northern actors will dump the AGN and form their own group if the act is carried out. According to him, Abbo is not guilty of assault until proven so by the court. He said;

“Even Jesus forgives so why wouldn’t Nigerians accept Senator Abbo’s apologies and forgive him over the assault.

“The guild is not going to withdraw the appointment. We the northern actors will not agree on this and will not take this if the guild tries to do otherwise.

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“If they attempt to do that, we are going to secede. The northern actors will break up from the guild and form our own in the North since our choice cannot be respected.”