Top ten richest men of all time.(number one is a black man!!)

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Yes, we all know Jeff bezos,bill gates,warren buffet as extremely rich individuals that will never grow poor even to their last generation. while all that might be true, there are individuals in history who have made so much money the present guys look like jokers or starters.below are ten of the richest people to have ever been born.

10)_Cornelius Vanderbilt,185 billion dollars

Vanderbilt came to fortune by building and construction of railroads and shipping lines during the 1800s.his name still opens door for his descendants.CNN anchor,anderson cooper,is also his his haydays,vanderbilt reched an accumulated wealth of 185 billion dollars.

9)Henry ford,199 billion dollars

We all have heard of ford directly or indirectly.if you have and drive a car,then he’s one of the men you should revolutionized the automobile is known for paying his worker huge stipends and for founding ford motor co.he amassed wealth just under 200 billion dollars.

8)muammer gaddafi,200,billion dollars

The embattled and controvasial dictator of north african state of libya,got his wealth during his time as ruler.he is remembered as having ruled with an iron rod,shut down all contact with the west.he was finally killed in the revolution.he was well over 200 billion dollars.

7)William the conquerer,209 to 220 billion dollars

William is the first norman king of england.he is also known as William the bastard,a rumoured descendant of vikings,hence his nack for invasions.Williams fortune is estimated at 209 to 220 billion dollars.

6)jakob fugger,221 billion dollars

Fugger lived between 1459 to 1525.he made his wealth from textile trading and merchant baking in augsburg,germany.unlike other people on the list,he is more conservative and kept.fuggers wealth is put at a standing 221,billion dollars.


5)mir usman ali khan,230 billion dollars

you may have never heard of Ali khan.he Became the nizam(ruler) of Hyderabad after the passing of his father.his wealth was estimated at 230 billion Dollars.he is known as the father of his reportedly 149 children.

4)Nicolai axelandrovich,romanov,300 billion dollars.

Popularly known as tsar nicolas ll,the last tsar of russia,he is no doubt one of the richest men to have ever lived.nicolas got his wealth during his rule as tsar,until he was finally overthrown in the revolution.his wealth stands at 300 billion dollars.

3)andrew carnegie,310 billion dollars

Born scottish,into a very poor family,andrew came into prominence in the 1800s,and amassed incredible wealth through the steel industry.known to have invested in a lot of businesses,and given out most of his wealh,he is also remembered as,one of the world most foremost philanthropists.

2)john d Rockefeller,340 billion dollars

Rockefeller’s name has been deeply ingrained in american the co_founder of standard oil,this petroleum magnate’s wealth is nearly the biggest the world has ever known,with a standing figure of 340 billion u.s dollars.also known as a philanthropist,john died in 1937 at the ripe age of 97.

1)mansa musa,,400 billion dollars.

Far in western africa,is the richest man to have ever lived.his name is mansa musa,or musa 1 of a reigning emperor of mali,musa commanded a jawdropping fortune of 400 billion dollars.musa was born in 1280,and lived until a debit muslim,musa was known for building mosquito all over africa.being that his reign was so long ago,no one has even come close enough to putting a definate figure on it.I guess we african have something to smile about after all.

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