Early Rain: Anambra State Government Begins Inspection Of Drains

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Anambra govt

…vows to demolish any structure built on drainages

Anambra State Government has commenced routine inspection of areas of the State prone to flooding especially those caused by blocked drainage systems.

The inspection team led by the Managing Director of Anambra State Drainage and Forest Preservation Agency, Chief Chido Obidiegwu recently toured Fegge Layout in Onitsha.

According to Obidiegwu, the team commenced drainage inspection tour following a special directive from the State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano who on inspection of construction works within Fegge promised to ensure that all blocked drains are cleared in readiness for the rainy season.

Obidiegwu said, “This tour is routine and we started here because of the promise of Gov Obiano that all drains in Fegge will be cleared ahead of the rainy season.

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“We will also touch all parts of the State to have first hand feel of the situation for effective planning on how to clear all drainage systems in the State to prevent possible flooding disaster,” he said.

Obidiegwu who was obviously sad seeing the amount of dirt in the drains in Fegge promised to come back with his team to implement a lasting solution to the menace.

“We will work with residents in this area to clear these drainage systems… Any structure built on the drains will be demolished and owners prosecuted for endangering public lives and safety,” Obidiegwu added.

Gov Obiano had earlier created the Drainage and Forest Preservation Agency to ensure clear drainages in the State and promote causes that will recover and preserve all Forest Reserves in Anambra.

The bill establishing the Agency was recently passed by the State House of Assembly waiting for Gov Obiano’s accent.

When finally signed into law, the new Agency shall, in carrying out its statutory duties, create employment opportunities for ndi Anambra who could serve as Task Force members, Forest Guards, amongst others.

Other members of the Inspection Team were representatives from Anambra State Daily Sweepers Scheme and those of the State’s Digital Entrepreneurship Office; and OCHA Brigade.

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