Ghana Weaving: Five Facts For Novices


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Ghana Weaving
No, you are not a novice. You are just a boyfriend who has no clue, a father who wants to participate in the making of his beautiful daughter(s); or some lady who had always been natural or unnatural with hair. Or still, some girl surfing the internet looking for some new images or a fresh perspective on Ghana Weaving.

We will bring you all the info you need by answering some of the most frequently asked questions on Ghana Weaving.

1, Why is it called Ghana Weaving?

It doesn’t have to be called that. Ghana Weaving is an African weaving that has been in existence for more than five hundred years before Christ. It is a black African hairstyle. Call it African Weaving and you will be right. It ought to be called that, but it isn’t. Why Ghana. No one is sure; no, the hairdo did not originate from Ghana. As to why it has Ghana in its name, it is a matter for speculations. Perhaps, because Ghana was the first black African country to get independence. Perhaps, the namer (whoever he was – or she) first saw the style in Ghana.

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The origin of the name doesn’t matter. One thing is sure, it is not a Ghanaian export.

2, What kind of styles make up the weaving?

A lot. Remember your elementary English, the types of nouns? Well, the type of Ghana Weaving is an example of uncountable nouns. You can go with the big weaves of six to ten braids, like this one.

Big, bold

You may choose to go for the tiny braids or the even tinier braids. Like these pics below, make your choice.

Ghana Weaving

You can go cornrow if you want. There are many types of this. There is a single cornrow. Take a look.

Ghana Weaving

The double cornrow, like this.

The banana cornrow.

You may choose to go with a long one

Or not so long.

There are so many types. You could write a thesis about it and you won’t exhaust them all. Ghana Weaving is an art and every hairdoer can dare.

3, Must Ghana Weaving be black?

The answer is an emphatic no. While the norm is black, Ghana weaving can now be rocked with virtually any colour of your liking. You can carry the purple style like this:

Ghana Weaving

Or carry this blonde one:

Ghana Weaving
Blonde and beautiful


If you are feeling bold or you just wish to go the patriotic way of being a true born Nigerian, you can go all green. Take a look.

Ghana weaving
Super Eagles

Any colour goes. Everyone. You mustn’t see it in any one’s head to recommend it to your babe. If she likes the colour she can become the first to carry it – she will make it or break the internet trying.

4, Is it expensive to braid?

It depends. On many things. The environment counts. At a campus area with plenty of students looking for the best hands, the price is usually higher than in strictly residential areas. The style, too, plays a role. Tinier braids will take more time and require more expertise so it costs more. The more experimental and ambitious the style, the larger the hole it will bore on your pocket. And since the weave requires hair extension, the quality of the hair extension comes to play. Remember, you can have a combination of two or three different colours, this also counts as a determining factor.


Don’t forget location as well. If your girlfriend stays in Port Harcourt, you will pay more than you paid for your side chick’s Ghana Weaving done in Nnewi. Even in the same city, prices are not the same. Lagos, for instance, has the mainland-island dichotomy; so will this count when the price is discussed.

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To mention a price range, if we must, Ghana Weaving will cost you between 1,500 naira and 20,000 naira.

5, How long should one carry the hairdo?

As long as you feel comfortable with it. You could have made the hair for an occasion. Christmas, Easter, Valentine, wedding, anniversary, NYSC camping etc. After the occasion, you can move on. Basically, two to three weeks, one month tops. This depends on how quick your overgrowth comes up. If you are looking for something that would last for months, you can go for one million braids or locks. Not Ghana weaving. It is a high effort, high reward style.