Pastor Beaten To Coma After Condom Fell From His Bible


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Beaten Pastor

A pastor was beaten to coma after a condom fell from his bible while preaching the gospel in public transport in Anambra state.

Some of the passengers insisted that the main reason they gave him the beating of his life is because he is among the reasons why many people are losing faith in faithful men of God in this country.

Some of the passengers maintained that he’s being hypocritical and that he is among the reasons people have lost hopes and faiths in men of God in this country.

The Pastor might not be aware of the condom in between the best Bible but the notion accrued from this is that he might be a fornicator yet carrying the Bible. Which is somewhat seen as hypocrisy.

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According to an eye witness, Mr. Chukwujekwu, a passenger at a popular commercial bus service provider going to Lagos and other parts of the country was on board the bus when the preacher came to minister and pray for the travelers and as well wish them safety on their way to their destinations.

‘Though they were moved by self-acclaimed pastors preaching, anointing of God was everywhere; some passengers gave their lives to Christ and accepted Him as their Lord and personal saviour. This was before the condom fell.

It was amazing the pastor opened his bible to collect offering from the passengers who may wish to assist him in his ministry, behold 3 Kiss condoms fell off his bible’.

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‘The angry men in the bus who had been having bad feelings about pastors, who preach in buses along venous parks in Onitsha as an undercover for begging got really angry and pounced on him after they saw the condom, the pastor all of a sudden started shouting and pleading for forgiveness because he does that as business not really for true word of God ‘ However, Policemen had to be called to the scene to save the pastors life. So far 2 arrests have been made for further investigations.

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