Cyber Security: Green Hibiscus Unveils Tech Start Up


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    Greem Cyber Security

    When we talk about”Cyber” we look at the Internet and when we talk about “Cyber Security” we now look at how best the Internet can be secured and used in the positive Direction for the Good of all.

    Whatever isn’t secured will always have an indirect way of making losses unknowingly that’s why it is important that we look in this cyber Crimes and see how best to secure the Cyber Environment for the best of All.

    Cyber Security
    Cyber Security

    Unveiling a Tech Start Up:

    Technology startups are channels, Opportunities/chances the Technological Industries can give to the masses in order to make a living, and this is where we talk about

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    1) Cyber security (Securing the Internet from Fraudsters).

    2)Mobile Apps Development (Generation of Software Applications used by Android Phones).

    3) Digital Marketing (Selling and Buying through the CyberWorld).

    4) Web Development (Developing New Ideologies that can be more Beneficial to the Outside Man and Easy to Use).

    5) E-commerce (This is where Businesses are carried out Automatically).

    The Facts Which We Don’t Know About Cyber Crime Is This;

    ~ Nigeria loses over #127bn annually to cybercrime.

    ~ Nearly 1 million new Malware threats released Daily.

    ~ 70% of all Websites are Vulnerable to attacks.

    Over 10,000 Websites are blacklisted by Google Daily.

    ~ 1.76billion records were leaked in January 2019.

    ~ The Global Cost of Cybercrime is expected to exceed $2trillion in 2019.

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    Green Hibiscus Technology will be an eye-opener to you as we bring to your doorstep the Challenges, The Right Use and the Way forward on Cyber Security and How to start up a Business Digitally in the CyberWorld.

    Founder Green Hibiscus Technology Ltd. – Amb Ikebunwa Lotanna

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