“I Was Having Marathon S*x With My Lover” – 14-Year-Old Declared Missing Confessed


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“I Was Having Marathon Sex With My Lover” – 14-Year-Old Declared Missing Confessed
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A 14-year old girl, who was declared missing for three days by her parents after the matter was reported to the Police, stunned the Police officers and her parents when she said that she was never abducted but rather was in her boyfriend’s house busy enjoying s*x.

It was reported that the Police at Ejigbo Division, Lagos, had received a report by the girl’s parents that she left the house and had not been found, thereby suspecting that she might have been kidnapped.

The DPO, CSP Olabisi Okuwobi, mobilized Police operatives from the station, and she was eventually rescued. She was taken to the station. Her lover, who was also an underaged boy, was arrested for abducting the girl without the consent of her parents.

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However, the little girl did not only save the boy from the alleged offense. She made the Police to know that her boyfriend did her favour by engaging her in three days of marathon s*x.


It was gathered that the girl became crazy for s*x after she was raped at that tender age, and since then, she was said to have started going out looking for men who will satisfy her sexually.

“Yes, my mother sent me on an errand to an uncle, and he removed my pant and engaged me in s*x. I did not tell my mother immediately, but later, I told her what happened that I was no longer a virgin,” she said.

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