Have You Ever Tried Period S*x? See It’s Benefit


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Have You Ever Tried Period Sex? See It's Benefit

A lot of women are very concerned about s*x and how it happens. Men, on the other hand, are not very particular unless it involves some physical attributes they like. When the male **** is up, it is up, and it needs to get the necessary action.

Ladies tend to treat s*x very specially. They consider how to have it, when to have it and where to have it. They prepare for it, with the right kind of lingerie, worry about how to smell. S*x is unique to every woman, even the freaky s*x fantasies take planning in many women’s brain.

Now with all these happening in their minds, they still want to have a good experience and get pleasurable satisfaction from it. Now, what happens when their “august visitors disrupt their careful planning and desires”? For whatever reason, they’re horny, and their partners are showing all sign of readiness to take them to the clouds after cloud nine, but there is a **** wedged deep inside them soaked with blood. Would or should this be a show-stopped? So the question now is, is it okay to have s*x while on there is period flow? The answer is YES.

As exciting and very promising as this may sound, however, it still carries a few risks like contraction of STIs and STDs. This is because passing infections through blood is very easy to do, but these risks can be taken care of by the use of condoms. And it has also been researched that getting pregnant while on your period may happen. It may not be a common occurrence, but it is possible. It is only because some women ovulate very early even without them knowing. Everyone counts after the period days and even during. Anyway, to get rid of the risks that may come with having s*x during your period, use a condom and get into the fun.

If you’re one of those that gets squeamish quickly, you can get a little bit drunk if you want or get under the showers and wash off before starting. It is indeed quite messy down there during this period, but not to worry, it is still very safe and won’t cause any severe health issues; in fact, it has a few advantages to it. These advantages should be enough reasons for you to consider having this in your freaky bucket-list. S*x during the period gives some relief from menstrual cramps. The kind of s*x that gives you a good orgasm makes the muscles of your uterus contract and release; this release will ease your pains. Endorphins are released during s*x, and it is a feel-good chemical, which means that when you have s*x during your period, these endorphins will remove your mind from the period of pain and discomfort.

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If you are one of those that have a period for more than five days, then s*x is perfect for you. Having coitus may cause your period not to last that long. The reason for this is that the contraction that happens during orgasms pushes out the uterine contents even faster. And this is why your period can get shorter. It is a fact that your hormonal fluctuations allow your libido to change during your period cycle. Some women have said that their s*x drives increase while their ovulating. This will be two weeks before their period. Other women have reported that they are more turned on during their periods. So, an increased s*x drive may happen during the period cycle that would take you by surprise. Moreover, blood from the flow is enough to lubricate you well so your lubricants can take a rest at this point.

While some women don’t have cramps, what they get is severe headaches during their menstrual cycle. This has been researched to be the cause of why they avoid s*x at this time because they’d feel like it’ll be too much stress. But s*x during this period helps the headache and doesn’t add to it at all. If it doesn’t give total relieve, at least it would result in partial relieve to allow them to enjoy the sexual pleasures.

All in all, always mind the stains that come with blood flow. The mess may be a total turn off, and ladies may, in turn, begin to get self-conscious of it. Being anxious about the mess that may be caused may take out some of the fun that’s supposed to be happening during the s*x. Apart from this, wear a condom for protection so that there would be less risk of contracting any infection. Never leave a **** in while you’re having s*x during your period. And yeah, you could get pregnant, so it’s better to stick to the condom. There are other forms of protection to use, and talking to your pharmacists may go a long way.


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