When S*x Becomes A 4unit Course In Nigeria Tertiary Institutions (Video)


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sex image of the school crime in nigeria students tertiary institutions

By: Usman Issa (Busy Brain)

“Since three days ago, I have tried to overlook the series of sexual intercourse between students in Nigeria tertiary institutions but I couldn’t just take my mind off the matter after reading waspish and disgusting reactions on one news platform. The arguments and reactions that I read were so irritating and appalling. One cannot but imagine the level of stupidity inherent.”

It could be recalled that the popular s*x video was staged by Babcock students which led to the expulsion of the culprits by the management. For the fact that the decision was solely made by the school management, it sounds more or less like an injustice to some social media analysts.

300 Level Babcock University Students S*x Video Leaked (Full video)

They took it starkly upon themselves by faulting the Babcock management’s decision to have expelled the students. While some opined that since s*x is not a crime in Nigeria, the students should have rather been counselled instead of losing their career to expulsion.
Another set of analysts claimed that the school decision was too cruel for expelling students that had s*x blatantly in a lecture room. Even though it is not disputable, that individual is a master to his or her opinion, I cannot comprehend the counselling these guys were talking about.

Should the management counsel the culprits after the s*x video is already dancing soapy on air or to counsel them on how to do it better some other time. I repeat: “I cannot comprehend that counselling”

As if that one isn’t enough, another blatant s*x-typed surfaced by another set of students from one institution in Edo state. It seems s*x for grades lecturers have gone to rest; it is students Vs students now.

S*x has turned to 4 unit practical course that should be practised in a broad daylight. Now, it suits some students more to mess up themselves in an open arena all in the name of three minutes enjoyment. I’m not preaching holiness here, but the sexual urge shouldn’t propel one to be an object of ridicule and reproach.

Honestly, for people to be taking sides all in the name of pitying have shown that we cannot get things right in Nigeria. Or what else I could have done as punishment and lesson to students who intentionally had s*x in the lecture room? Those taking sides have forgotten that the image of the school is at stake for such slew of immortality.

They also claimed that no one is holy and If no one is holy, does that mean people should have s*x openly? If s*x isn’t a crime, does that mean students should start banging themselves on campus in lecture rooms? Why talking about these s*x warriors career only and mind not to talk about the image of the school that is already in the mud?

Emphatically, what is bad is bad, whether s*x is a crime in Nigeria, such an act can never be embraced. If a student can be expelled for writing an open letter to VC on issues that need urgent attention, If corpers can be sent out of the camp for having s*x, no sane society will allow such s*x tape to undergo spiral of silence all in the name of saving a career.

I see nothing wrong in their expulsion. They called for it. There is nothing new about s*x among undergraduates. The leaked ones are just a testimony to the level immorality in our tertiary institutions and if this irritating scene continues, Nigeria educational system awaits burial by instalment.

Busy Brain is an opinion writer. A Mass Communication graduate from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State

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