Lady Beats Up Friend For Abusing Her Mother (Video)


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Lady Beats Up Her Friend For Abusing Her Mother (Video)

A woman identified as Favour has been beaten to a pulp and is now nurturing injuries after being attacked by her friend. It was gathered that Ella attacked favour for cursing and slut-shaming her (Ella) mother in Owerri.

On a fateful day, an unknown number sent Ella a text message which reads, “Come you and me no be mate ooo. None of your family wan get money more than my father or any member of my family. Ok, you know say you be the worst fool ever, the family of a prostitute.
A foolish girl that doesn’t have sense. See girl wan her mama na my guy sugar mummy ooo, na because of you we all have middle fingers”.

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Ella assumed the text message was from Favour, probably because of their past issues. On receiving this text message, Ella and her family invited Favour over to settle their misunderstanding, shake hands and forget the whole point. Only for Favour to get there and she was beaten up brutally by Ella and six others.

Watch the video below:

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