Why Igbo Men Marry Late


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financial status single friends commitment phobia igbo man marriage Why Igbo Men Marry Late - Anaedo Online
Marriage is a blissful process, one that brings with it joy and happiness. Many men do not seem eager enough to get on board with the whole marriage system.
Over the years, the Igbo tribe presents to the rest of the country and the rest of the world, the most eligible bachelors.

Men who seem to have reached the age of marriage but do not have it in mind at all.  They enjoy their individuality and their single life way too much.

Financial status: The world of today has made it so that if you do not have money, you are worth less than the stray leaf flying around.

As a result, men try with every might they have to see that they upgrade their financial status before the thought of entering marriage comes along.
This is not wrong, they need money to cater for a family.

You would see that this class of men to an extent wants to get hitched but their current financial status keeps holding them back.

Single friends: It’s not rocket science, a man who has more single friends than he does with married friends is more likely to not marry on time. This is because he has gotten accustomed to the normal way of living like a single guy with all its benefits. There are cases where some men would hint at an interest in getting married, but in no time they get dissuaded by the rest of their friends.

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Commitment Phobia: A typical Igbo man is scared of commitment, the idea of taking away his individuality and having to cater for a group of people is scary to any sane person.

Individuality provides a high like no other, a high that makes them feel the world is a rosy place and so they would prefer to move from person to person rather than settle down and start a meaningful relationship with someone special.

Apart from commitment phobia, a lot of men are even more scared that they would end up with the wrong person for the rest of their lives and owing to the fact that the Igbo culture does not permit divorce, they try as much as possible to find the right person regardless of how long it takes.

Priorities: The truth stands that an average Igbo man would not prioritize marriage but he would put it way down the bottom of his list and would not give it a second thought until he has achieved all his goals or at least reached a certain height in the community.

We all know that if you do not prioritize a certain thing, it becomes very easy to pass it by without even giving it a second chance

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It’s quite ironic that despite the rate at which the Igbo parents urge their children to get married, a lot of them still prefer to keep up with their single status.

This shouldn’t be so, men should learn that marriage is not something to venture into only when one is old and weary and no longer looking to have fun, marriage doesn’t stop you from experiencing life to the fullest, it only makes more responsible.
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