Linda Ikeji Reveals How Much She’s Worth (Video)


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Billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji has recounted the moment she realized she was rich at a Ghana Bloggers Summit in Ghana.

During the summit, Linda Ikeji while sharing her blogging story and how she has mentored up and coming bloggers who aspire to build a successful career in the field revealed how she used to live in a rented apartment in Surulere which had rats running around in her sitting room.

She recounted that on a particular day while blogging from home, the rats kept disturbing her until she became fed up with the disturbance. She called up her friend and immediately went house hunting the next day.

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She wrote: “How rats made me realize I was rich and inspired me to go buy my own house. After they chased me out of my sitting room one day, I said to myself, ‘I’m too rich to be sharing space with rats, goddammit!’.

Two months later, I was living in a fresh, brand new home in Banana Island, Ikoyi. What do rats look like again? “

Watch the video below:

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