HIV Positive Mum Reveals How She Had 3 HIV Negative Kids With Partner


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Proud HIV Patient Reveals How She Was Able To Have 3 HIV Negative Kids With Partner

A lady named Niqita with username, ‘Hiv positive and proud’ who became HIV positive after she was raped repeatedly at ages 8 and 16, has shared her story on social media.

Niqita opened up on living with the disease and getting married to a partner who is HIV negative and birthing kids who are also HIV negative.

She revealed that the reason she has been able to achieve this feat is that she steadfastly and correctly takes her pills.

Sharing a photo of her 3 kids, who are HIV negative, she wrote: “I’ve been raped at the ages of 8 and 16, I survived it 🙌🙌I’ve been living in an orphanage almost all my childhood yet I still made it. Today I’m hiv+ u better believe that I will live till I 👀 my grandkids if I can so, can u.#arvzforlife. RT some1 needs 2 👂this”

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“This single pill has given me 3 negative kids and a negative partner the more you take your pill and correctly your viral load will be undetectable making it impossible to infect the next, meaning it’s in your body but not active.”

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