Facebook User Evaluates Governor Ihedioha, Scores Him Very Low


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Facebook User Evaluates Governor Ihedioha, Scores Him Very Low

An indigene of Imo state has taken to facebook to evaluate Governor’s stay in office and has a lot of unpalatable things to say about him.
According to this facebook user who goes by the name, Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, he claims that Governor Ihedioha has raised Okorocha’s approval ratings more than anybody has ever done, by his activities in the office so far.

Below is the full text of the Facebook post;


I have been accused by friends and foes alike of being too cynical with the Ihedioha administration, and I know that cynicism is a repulsion to me. I can’t stand a cynic, but I love critics, just as I love myself. People say that I haven’t given Ihedioha credit for anything, and I tell them, they are not saying the truth. I had commended the illegal governor on some things and criticized him, rather than, condemn him on the things he hasn’t done rightly.

However, today, I am going to take up the job of singing his praises. I am going to undertake the job of telling the world what the governor has achieved in such a short time. To be candid, Ihedioha has achieved in less than 100 days, what his predecessor couldn’t achieve in eight years. Let me take you through some of these achievements.

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It is to the credit of Ihedioha’s smartness that, he has been able to make history as the first man to become governor and get sworn-in without meeting Constitutional requirements. He is Nigeria’s first illegal governor, and this is a historic achievement for a man whom illegality means smartness.

Ihedioha has done what those of us, who are promoting Okorocha hasn’t been able to do. He has raised Governor Okorocha’s approval ratings higher than all Okorocha’s image makers could do. People who doubted Okorocha’s sincerity and who disputed his massive achievements are now celebrating the Imo West Senator.

Ihedioha has allegedly sunk more than five billion Naira into the acquisition of hectares of land and building of massive structures for himself in his Mbutu village and here in Owerri.

Ihedioha has travelled out of the State since he became governor than any of his contemporaries, and none of these trips has yielded anything to the State, but he has gained a lot politically through these trips.

Ihedioha has resurrected the godfathers of Imo politics within this very short time. He has created new serfs and restored old ones. This is the first time in the last eight years that the governor cannot be said to have had a say in the choice of more than 80% of his appointees. Godfathers nominated their proteges to different positions.

Ihedioha has awarded more contracts than any other governor sworn in on the 29th of May, yet, Imo is the State with the least activities in terms of construction or rehabilitation work.

Chief Ihedioha, without having filled up even a single pothole in the entire State, has awarded contracts to destroy some legacy infrastructures of the past administration.

The governor has successfully dismantled billions of Naira worth of public properties and has in such a short time, destroyed more things than he might be able to build, even if he is given eight years to run the State.

This governor has told more lies to Imo people than any other governor before him, and it is yet, 77 days since he became governor.

The governor has rehabilitated more politicians than he seems ready to rehabilitate Imo infrastructures or even youthful talents.

In less than 100 days in office, Vanguard newspaper is reporting that the governor has made the State unsafe for women and children, thereby, classifying Imo women and children among the most vulnerable in the country. The reason for this may not be farfetched, as the governor has only paid lip service to issues concerning women and children.

Security has relapsed to a dangerous curve since May 29th, as it seems the governor is either overwhelmed by the security situation in the State or simply more concerned about his and his family’s security more than the general security of the State.

In less than 100 days, the governor has not accounted for over 80 billion Naira accruing to the State. This includes, 48 billion Naira cash handed over to him by Owelle Rochas Okorocha, 7 billion Naira Paris Debt Refund and other funds from donor agencies and the Federal Government.

In just two months, the governor has crashed Imo’s monthly IGR from over one billion Naira to less than 300 million Naira.

Imo youths have once again been relegated to bag carriers, Otimkpus and dirty jobs doers within this very short time. This is as most of the youths who were actively involved in the governor’s election campaigns have all been abandoned and moneybags who were nowhere to be found during the campaigns have taken over.

Recall also that anaedoonline.com reported Governor Ihedioha’s clarification on the recent revelations as regards the recovery of N1.2bn and some properties by the state government from the immediate past administration.