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What To Do When You Suspect A Kitchen Gas Leakage – Civil Defence

by AnaedoOnline

What To Do When You Suspect A Kitchen Gas Leakage – Civil Defence

The General Director has given safety directive on how to react to the smell of cooking gas at home.

Heralding his directive, was an interesting scenario which he illustrated.

See Below for the Full text of his Illustration;

:red_circle Come home at midnight after having a good time having dinner at a restaurant, to find the smell of gas scattered around the house.

The man goes to the kitchen to find the smell stronger. The subconscious mind pushed him to turn on the light, and the kitchen explodes, the husband dies instantly and the wife moves to intensive care.


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The furniture was seen 200 meters from the house, which means that the gas pipe explosion was stronger than the bomb.

The lesson learned from this appalling incident is:

-When you smell the gas, do not turn on the light, but open all the doors and windows calmly, so that no spark occurs, then close the gas tube and do not turn on the light until the smell of gas completely disappears.

– Also do not open the refrigerator if you smell the gas, because it also causes an explosion, and even the suction fan, do not switch it on because it has an electrical charge, just open the windows.


-You should not read this letter alone, publish it as much as you can, perhaps God will help you to avoid danger, and you will be rewarded.


(Whoever saves a life as if he saves all Human’s life)

With greetings from the General Director of Civil Defense.

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