Op-Unedited – This Is Never Going To Massage Your Ego And I Don’t Care How You Feel! Be Warned (Must Read)


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Op-Unedited – This Is Never Going To Massage Your Ego And I Don’t Care How You Feel! Be Warned (Must Read)

About two months ago or so, I wrote about the Fulani settlement in Agụ Ukehe (North of Igbo land), that is presently 45 years old today and the population growth that has happened there within the last 4 decades.

The crux of that post was to make our Igbo people know that such artificial population arrangement is existing on their soil and could be potentially volatile in decades to come, following a repeated historical pattern. I therefore asked us to never lower our guards.

For this, I received encouragements and gratitude from most of our people. In fact, I was even exposed or given access to more shocking information about the activities associated with the settlement — unimaginable things that would shock enlightened Igbo persons if they get to know. We are still researching.

But then, I was severely attacked, on different platforms, by some other young and old fools who felt I was igniting hate and bigotry between the Igbo and Fulani (you can imagine that!).


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Some from that axis of Northern Igboland activated their antenae in suspicion of the age-old “mockery” that was nonexistent in the content I posted, going as far as turning it into the Agbaenu-Nsụka rivalry.

Such a low-level trivialisation in a discourse that has to do with life and death!

Some other despicable elements went as far as comparing the Igbo economic migrations around the world with Fulani nomadism.

One said , “the Igbo are the most nomadic people I know and so we ought to allow the Fulanis be free in Igboland too like we are in theirs”.

He avoided juxtaposing how the Igbo go to Kano or Borno, buy lands, pay the government for the lands, rent shops and pay yearly, pay taxes, massively develop every space they occupy, and never constitute any security threat to the locals in the interiors or towns as against the conduct of the Fulani herdsmen who are mostly non-Nigerians from across the porous borders and who would occupy our forests for decades without bringing any single development to the area other than dirt, theft, farm destruction and death.

That is the kind of comparison a human Igbo who allegedly suckled at his mother’s breasts was making with his own people!

These lots are the people I have classified as “Emergency Humanists” while the rest of us who are “bigots” are in the class I call the “Realistic Protectionists”.

Our people are yet to appreciate the height of stupidity and foolishness among many of our educated population which manifests as self-hate, apathy, self-rejection towards Igbo heritages — abstract and concrete.

Of course, it shows in their own language , they refuse to speak and teach their children, in politics and also in environmental protection.

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All in the name of sounding and appearing correct, globalised and detribalised — whatever the nonsense mean.

I’ve written all the above to drive a point and make us ready for a shock. Soon, you’d begin to see these godforsaken Emergency Humanists boldly and shamelessly come out to advocate in favor of the Miyetti Allah’s request to establish Fulani herdsmen vigilante groups in Igboland.

Some of them would even fight brothers because of this despicable request that has been greeted with lots of tension and furore at the moment. Some would even expend intellectual energy to rationalise and normalise this dangerous desire in writing. Watch out of for that.

But my big question to it all would be: Should we really allow these elements the luxury of even discussing and throwing their stupidity to our faces?

copyright:Chijioke Ngobili, 2019

Disclaimer : The opinion of the writer is not the opinion of Anaedoonline.com