Chris Azubogu’s Take On June 12th Democracy Day! (Must Read) (Video)

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saw mko abiola emerge winner north nnewi south and ekwusigo election that saw mko abiola nnewi north nnewi south saw mko abiola emerge

Chris Azubogu’s Take On June 12th Democracy Day! (Must Read) (Video)

House of Rep Member representing Nnewi North, Nnewi South, and Ekwusigo Constituency, Hon Chris Azubogu Moved a Motion for Prof Humphrey Nwosu to be Honoured Alongside MKO
Abiola on the Vital Role he played in the election that Saw MKO Abiola emerge winner.

Hon Chris, while supporting the Motion by a Fellow Rep member, that 12th of June be recognized as Democracy day, also asked the House to recognize and honor Prof Humphrey Nwosu, who courageously Conducted the election that saw MKO Abiola emerge winner despite the threat it posed to how life.

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Below is the full text of the motion passed by Honorable Chris Azubogu with respect to this ;

” My Name is Hon Chris Emeka Azubogu representing the good people of Nnewi North, Nnewi South, and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency.

#Mr Speaker, I want to thank the mover of this motion and also to some extent adopt what my colleague has just said about appreciating the recognition of June 12 as democracy day.

It marks as a watershed in our history and recognition has been made to some of the people that participated and some of the actors that were involved in June 12.

But I will ask my colleagues here to unanimously agree with me that, there was a key actor whose act of courage and fearlessness stood for what was right and did it despite threats to his life and that of his loved ones.

In all this, I did not see nor hear his name mentioned and it brought me some level of sadness.


The Person in question is the man, the umpire that conducted the election that was acknowledged as the best election in the country and the person in question is Prof Humphrey Nwosu.

In all these awards, he was not recognized and I felt that anybody who has shown the act of courage to do what is right even in the face of threat to his life should be acclaimed a hero in this Country and I will support that Prof Humphrey Nwosu be included among those who will receive the honors.


I so “Amend”.

Hon Chris Azubogu
7th May, 2018 ”