While Some Couples Have Joint Bank Accounts, This Couple Have “Joint Phone”.

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While Some Couples Have Joint Bank Accounts, This Couple Have “Joint Phone”.

In an era where so many relationships and marriages have many trust issues when partners keep their phone activities private, anaedoonline.com came across a married couple that has used a single phone between themselves for close to two years.

It is a common sight to see couples share cars, clothing and bank accounts between themselves, however,  the sharing of a single phone between couples is unprecedented.

For Mr. and Mrs. Marcelinus who are based in Ekwulobia in Anambra State,” sharing of phone between couples is not a big deal”.

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Mr Marcelinus is a Teacher while his Wife is a Fashion Designer, they have been married for 4 years and for those years, and they take turns using a single Android Phone between themselves.

During an exclusive interview with anaedoonline.com, Mrs. Benedicta revealed that she has been sharing one phone with her husband for close to 2 years.

“Sometimes my husband uses the phone during work hours while I use it from evening to the next day and vice versa. When either of us travels, the person that traveled will use it during that time he/she is away, while the other will use it afterward. No one encroaches into the other’s shift except for emergency purposes, ” she said (smiling).

The amazing thing is that Mr. and Mrs. Marcelinus are very active on social media, they take shifts, making use of the different social media platforms.

Mrs. Benedicta revealed that she and her husband use one WhatsApp and Twitter account.
“The only social media account, we have separated is Facebook, but because we share one phone, I usually wait for him to conclude his chat and logout before I log into my own Facebook account and vice versa”, she said.

Speaking Further, she said, “But for Whatsapp, Twitter and telegram which we use just one account, we do mind our individual contacts or friends list while chatting or reacting to a post”, she added.

When asked if they had ever had the usual phone related issues in their marriage, Mr. Marcelinus answered, “It’s just like a couple having a joint account, they have to agree on a term, we don’t have any issue”.

We wanted to know if this practice between this couple is as a result of their inability to purchase an extra Phone or just a way of managing trust issues, Mr and Mrs Marcelinus declined to respond.

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