Rethinking A New Community Leadership For Nnewi


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nzuko-ora nnewi

Rethinking A New Community Leadership For Nnewi

If viewed from the obvious, Nzuko-Ora Nnewi, the apex administrative body that serves as the town union of Nnewi, appears to have lost its relevance as it concerns the political, economic and social development of Nnewi.

The union, which is a product of the quest of Ndi Nnewi to come under one umbrella to enable people in the town to share and aggregate multiplicity of views and standpoint in order to make far-reaching decisions that will activate a social action capable of ushering change in the social, cultural, environmental and political condition of the town, seems to have suffered leadership enthroned by egoistic and naked oligarchs.


The monthly meeting of the union which should be an avenue to discuss Nnewi’s challenges and suggesting possible solutions thereafter, has become a meeting where people come to advertise their goods and services, leaving little or no time for issues of urgent community importance.

Nzuko-Ora Nnewi is becoming a union that has outlived her purpose following her recent history of having visionless, ineptitude and self-serving leadership.

It still remains a shock and big shame that after many years of Nzuko-Ora Nnewi existence, we are yet to have a community civic center for meetings and other important gathering, the financial dealings of the body is shrouded in secrecy and have given room for doubt and suspicion.

In truth, Nzuko-Ora Nnewi has failed to live up to expectation. Its biggest achievement has been to oversee the sales of land and leasing of Nnewi’s properties. Judging from the abundant human and material resources available to Nnewi, this is the worst we can get.

While other nearby towns to Nnewi are recording massive developmental strides through the efforts of their community union, ours is now a shadow of itself.

If development is still a great concern to Nnewi, there is an urgent need to rescue the community leadership system of Nnewi or else the development of the town, with the current state of things, will remain at risk.

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It is time to rethink and restructure ‘Nzuko-Ora Nnewi’ or create another body of leadership system that will take care of the administration of Nnewi.

The sorry state of Nnewi is enough to force us out of our shell to immediately reposition the town leadership to be more effective, proactive and foresighted.

The new leadership must be men and women of great ideas, full of visions and ready to play a critical role by using their intellect and experience to steer Nnewi into positive developmental change.

We must draw up a cabinet of serious-minded men and women willing, knowledgeable, passionate, able and devoted volunteers, with specific duties and responsibilities assigned to them.

It is time to resurrect the Nnewi self-help spirit which was very fundamental to our development today. Nobody can claim ignorance of the fact that in the past, individuals in Nnewi contributed to the establishment of primary and secondary schools, community markets, hospitals, boreholes, institution of scholarship schemes for indigent students, maintenance of roads and the rest.

We must take a bold step to re-position the community by encouraging and galvanizing Nnewi sons and daughters from around the world on the need of ‘Think Home Philosophy’

We need a union that will keep our elected political representatives and leaders in the different level of government, on their toes to address Nnewi challenges and problems.

We are faced with the challenge of absence of electricity supply that has invited economic retrogression, dump sites that have become a common sight to behold across the town, the deplorable state of motorable access roads in Nnewi, lack of parks and other necessary infrastructures that are urgently needed in the town.


We must kick against the tendency of the small number of selfish elites who champion the leadership and determine decision direction of Nnewi community leadership, it is time to reject the community leadership that constitutes itself into an oligarchy acting to protect self and sacrificing our development on the altar of satisfying their immediate needs for material gratification.

It is time to organize ourselves in such a manner that we can address our shared needs collectively as a people. Otherwise, the development will continue to elude our beloved town Nnewi.

Ebubechukwuzuloke Brown.
Nnewi, Anambra State.