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  12 Types Of Ladies Not To Marry


THE TEASE- She is beautiful….knows she looks very good …with looks that can cause a brother to sin. She understands the effect her looks have on men and she is ready to exploit it to the hilt….don’t think you will tame her because she doesn’t want to be tamed…just WALK ON BY….

THE LIAR- she never appears to give correct information. You may discover that her “Uncle” is not a blood relative at all. She claims she went to school with classmates who don’t remember her…..WALK ON BY…

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THE SOCIAL CLIMBER- She is excited about bearing your prestigious family name….wants by prospects of moving up the social ladder. Introduce her to a celebrity and she ignores you completely. She has a goal and not even you can stop that…WALK ON BY…


THE GOLD DIGGER- You know she is with you just for the money and gifts you shower on her. She gets upset when you don’t give her money and helps you spend your money like it’s going out of fashion. She doesn’t give a care in the world whether you have savings or not…WALK ON BY…

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THE VILLAGER – She is not in your league at all. Dissimilar backgrounds and exposure. Don’t get too wrapped up in the Cinderella story of “rich man, poor girl lives happily ever after”. It’s never that simple…There is a price to pay…..lots of patience and sacrifice necessary….don’t start what you can’t finish……if you know you cannot see it through…..WALK ON BY


THE ILL- BRED- very badly behaved. Has the potential to curse out any/everybody….can never seem to quieten……always ready to fight……Chances are that she will curse out both you and your relatives at will……WALK ON BY

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THE S*X ADDICT- She has no personal or religious inhibitions about s*x and is a willing bed partner. S*x is no big deal. The challenge will be if you can meet up to her needs sexually. If you succumb, know that you are probably not the only sexual partner she has and there is a great chance of you being presented with pregnancy very soon…want to avoid all the mess…..WALK ON BY..

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THE PROUD- very proud of her achievements and/or background. Let’s you know that you are not really in the league of her previous boyfriends and under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t be with you….she expects you to be very grateful that she is interested in you…she will not respect you …not today…..not likely ever…….WALK ON BY..


THE JEALOUS FREAK- she monitors your movements and is very suspicious of you. Any female friend or colleague of yours is seen as a potential rival which she deals with even before verifying facts. She is often apologetic when her suspicions are either proven wrong or unsubstantiated……..don’t stay…..WALK ON BY..


THE MOMMA’s GIRL- she is quick to let you know that she tells her mother everything and takes constant advice from the same. She doesn’t appear to have a mind of her own and cannot take decisions without running it by her mother…

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THE CONTROL FREAK- wants you all to herself. It will ensure you severe relations with close friends and relatives. Will not relate to any of your relatives …WALK ON BY


by Tinuola Monisola Agbabiaka