Listen! It’s Not “Agbanano Nnewi”, It’s called “Agbanano Ikenga” And Here’s Why.


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Listen! It’s Not “Agbanano Nnewi”, It’s called “Agbanano Ikenga” And Here’s Why.

Ikenga, the first son of Prince Agbaja of Nri who founded Agbaja clan (now generally called Nnewi) was having the fear that after his death, that there might be quarrels and misunderstanding between his two sons (Isu and Nnewi) and his two brothers (Ifite and Ichi).

Before his death (Ikenga), he summoned a meeting called “Agba mmadu nano” between his two sons and two brothers.

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These are the communiqué and agreement from the meeting:

1. None of them would wage war against the other.

2. None of them will oppress or maltreat the other.

3. None of them will kidnap or sell any descendant of Agbaja into slavery.

4. They will be meeting regularly at Oyo to discuss matters of common interest.

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A shrine was established to seal this covenant/agreement called Agbanano Ikenga. During the Isu reign, the covenant was adhered to, however, when Eze Afuogu (the present ruling class of Uruagu Quarter) came into power, Nnewi and his ancestors withdrew from the convenient.

Ifite and Ichi were attacked and they were obliged to withdraw from the covenant as well, thus making the Agbanano the affairs of Nnewi and Isu.

Due to the fall of Isu monarchy, some uninformed people erroneously termed it “Agbanano Nnewi” instead of “Agbanano Ikenga”

Dr. Alutu speaks of the Oyo – he said
“It is the first meeting place of all the sons of Nnewi, Isu joined the meeting at the later date. Though, it was after the return of a number of them after they fled. Ichi and Ifite can attend the meeting as Nnewi relatives. As at 1980, in-Ikenga’s can attend the meeting as well but leaves before the Obi of Nnewi brings out his Ofo Edo which he keeps after sacrificing to the five central deities of Nnewi”.

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