For Your Sanity , Please Stay Single If You Can’t Follow My Relationship Tips!


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Relationship Tips!

For Your Sanity, Please Stay Single If You Can’t Follow My Relationship Tips!

By Doria Oguike

A relationship is like a cycle when we get out of one, we enter another. From the day we were born to the day of our demise, we are relationship-bound. Relationships in our families, schools, churches, our work places, etc. When you learn the keys to building a good relationship, you will inevitably enjoy peace in your relationship.

Sincerely speaking, having a good relationship is serious work and if one is not committed to doing the work, he can’t get things right. Anyone can enjoy a good relationship if they are ready to work it out.

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It’s painful to see families quarrel as if they never loved each other, lovers fight as if they never knew each other, Employers and employees fight the same way. Sometimes we are forced to ask why do these people come together in the first place.

A wise man once said there is no enemy anywhere in the world, a man’s greatest enemy is IGNORANCE. Many lovers are more willing to pay for legal fees on cases that have to do with each other than to pay for the knowledge that will solve their relationship problems.

Love is not just the good emotions we feel, Love is a concern that comes with a responsibility to better someone else’s life. When responsibilities are not carried out, it signifies lack of concern, and when there’s no concern it means there’s no love.
It doesn’t matter how long we echo the word “I LOVE YOU”, Problems cannot be solved.

Different types of relationships come with their responsibilities. If you are not ready to take up responsibilities, you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

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If you want to see your relationship soar, i have these simple tips that can help you.

1) Have a good motive before initiating a relationship. If the motive is centered on material things or any selfish interest, your relationship will not last.

2) Define your roles; you always have a part to play in any relationship and you should carry them out. If you are not ready to carry them out, don’t start the relationship.

For example, a lady who wants to marry should know at least 50 to 70% of her roles in the man’s house, the same with the man.

An elderly man once asked a young lady who was planning to move into a man’s house, “What will you do when you finally enter this man’s house?” This lady was speechless for more than 15 minutes having nothing to say.
Truly, when you don’t know the right thing to do in a relatinship, you end up doing the wrong thing.

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3) Learn to accept people the way they are, we are all different.Don’t try to force a change on your partner, you must learn tolerance and accept our different unique personalities.

You can gently correct their wrong mindset but not their personality.

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