Types Of Men That May Break Ladies Hearts.


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Hearts Break

Types Of Men That May Break Ladies Hearts.


In my own opinion, these types of men are very dangerous to ladies hearts,.

Love bombing is the deliberate show of affection or friendship by an individual towards another individual with an ulterior motive. The man will initially appear as a knight in shining Armour lavishing an extravagant affection on the naive lady. He “bombs” her heart with endless calls, text messages, romantic chats on Facebook3, 2go or Whatsapp, gifts and dining out in cozy restaurants. Before the smoke is cleared from the “bombing” , the guy has vanished into the thin air and takes on a new victim. His accomplished mission might be endless sexual satisfaction, using her as a mistress or the game of a heart breaker!

This guy appears from nowhere and sounds like a geography teacher because he talks of South Africa, Angola, Brazil, Europe, America, Dubai or even China. Must have lived abroad or schooled there! His identity is Fake American accent and weird dressing: over-sized trousers, earrings, tattoos, bling and rapper’s face caps. Shockingly, many ladies believe their stories of dollars, pounds, and Euros. Always mobile and slippery as a fish! His operational headquarter is a cheap hotel room or a friend’s room with foam on the ground. He specializes in dating multiple ladies at a time with a promise of marriage and relocating overseas afterward and end up marrying none because he is broke and cursed!

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From high school and university, he will spot a humble innocent pretty girl. Using love bomb, he will promise her marriage but cajole her into a fetish oath taking that will bind them for life. They will cut their flesh to lick each other’s blood and swore an oath not to disappoint each other. Fetish boy will soon mature to a campus cult member and see other better wealthier ladies. He will soon dump his victim and move to raping and group s*x! Those who enter into such oath find it very difficult to marry or keep a happy home

The most dangerous of them all! He is good, caring, loving and generous. He Compliments the lady to high heavens, and even introduce her to his friends and family members as a close friend but it ends there. He is almost a husband but his tongue is tied!
He can’t open it to propose marriage to her. He wouldn’t mind living together with her or even having a baby together but marriage is no go area! Some ladies who are cowards in taking quality decisions get stuck and trapped with him, even shamelessly bears his surname, with a fake MRS as her prefix!

A lady killer in the house of God. He is a smooth operator brimming with anointing. He dates every spinster in the church and fellowship, promising and breaking engagements with a claimed leading of the Holy Spirit.
Today, some ladies in some Churches and fellowships are crying in secret and dying in silence after a rough deal from a Christian brother who they trusted that will marry them but broke their hearts at the eleventh hour!

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A cold-blooded animal that chooses his victims like a patient tiger! He targets rich or comfortable spinsters, widows or divorcees and proposes marriage. He displayed a rare humility unseen in other men, he can watch clothes, wash cars even cook and serve breakfast on the bed.
Very good at s*x too, he takes the girl’s family as his own and shows very uncommon affection to her family. But he is either unemployed or very poor, so he is living off her. Soon he will start talking of renting a big house or building one in his village or traveling with a friend overseas to buy goods. Once, the lady gives him the money that will run into millions, the emotional duper or scammer will vanish and that’s the end of “snow white” dreams for her.

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