Enraged Indigenes React As Refuse Dump Deface Nnewi On Easter Sunday

Nnewi Indigenes and Ndi Igbo In general are people who return Home from outside their state of origin enmass during festives periods to celebrate with their loved ones and friends at home .

The Refuse Dump domiciled at Old Ibeto Bank has been a thing of Worry to the people of Nnewi , you may also recall that alot of Nnewi residents have spoken to anaedoonline.com , expressing their disgust at the refuse dump.

That refuse dump,today , 21st April 2019 , Easter Sunday attracted the irk of Nnewi Indigenes who came home for the celebration.

One Man who pled annonymity told anaedoonline.com that the refuse dump is an eyesore .

According to him ” I can’t believe that this will be found at the heart of Nnewi in this day and age .Out of all places to dump refuse , it wil be here ? God forbid”

When we reminded him that the refuse dump is disposed rid of occasionally , he angily responded ,”And so ? why will it be dumped here in the first place ? Dont you people reason ? with a teaching hospital beside it , yet it appears nobody has a sense of hygiene in Nnewi”

Another man who also pled annonymity felt that the refuse dump is still there as a result of corruption , he said ,” Its not as if people in charge are not aware of what to do to stop this , once and for all , they know that it could be recycled , they also know where to dump it but i guess someone is being paid to take it away from here. ”

Speaking further , he said, “So , because they want to keep paying the person in charge of disposing this refuse , they keep dumping it here