Lady Shares Details Of Bitter Experience With Anticult After Visiting Unizik


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Lady Shares Details Of Bitter Experience With Anticult After Visiting Unizik

A young Nigerian lady identified as Chi Oma on Facebook recently shared details of her bitter experience at Nnamdi Azikwe University

According to her, she escorted her cousin who is a student, to her school and ended up receiving slaps for wearing ripped jeans
read her full statement below:
”How I was assaulted today by some Unizik Anticult members!!!


I followed my cousin to Unizik for her clearance. In her words, “babes let me show you round Awka, you’re basically not doing anything at home.”

When we got to Awka, the first thing we did was to say hello to my boo Ogochukwu and then Heritage bank to make some payment.

After all these auxiliaries, we started down the administrative block for the clearance. My cousin was in haste so as to beat time and I was following behind.

Next thing, someone called my attention by roughly dragging my upper right arm.

A lady, early or late 30s, I greeted her quizzically, I’m pretty sure I don’t know this lady so I requested to know why she was holding me like that.

She shushes me up and commanded that I follow her to their office. “Ma’am who are the ‘their’ and why should I follow you”.

She said they don’t wear this type of my trouser here. I told her that I’m not a student here and didn’t know that.

Madam wasn’t having it and kept dragging me, I called my cousin to come to talk to her people, she got where we were and requested to know what happened, the lady told her that I’m dressed indecently and should follow her to the security office.

“But what’s wrong with what she’s wearing nah and moreover she’s not a student here” she pleaded with the lady, Madam kept her hold on me strong.

“Fine ma’am, let’s go the office then ” already boiling. On getting there, “what’s her offence, what’s her offence anada”, One was already pushing me to the seat at the back of a locker behind.

Ok, shit was now serious, I told the guy not push me again and requested to know why I was brought there, the lady kept on ranting and shouting “that I’m speaking English for her”.


I was asked to narrate what happened and during the course of the narration, Madam slapped me, on the stand that I lied against her…

Though the Chief security officer of Anticult Unizik, already apologized for the uncouth way the issue was handled, he’s also aware that there’s no how I’m letting that lady go like that. I’ve refused to drop the case until the lady in question is reprimanded.

We also talked at length about the shear brutality some these Anticult members use on students.

I’ll be heading back to Awka tomorrow!!

The picture below was what I wore to Awka…”