Nnewi Food Vendor Buisness man

The Man who is revolutionalizing the Food Vendor Business in Nnewi

There’s a popular adage that says, “what a man can do, a woman can do it better”.An adage which some menfolks have jokingly reversed to “what a woman can do, a man can do it better”.Funny as it may sound, that adage could be said to be a true reflection Mr. Wisdom Okwuanalu from Abubor Nnewichi.


Mr. Wisdom Okwuanalu is a 30yr old cheerful looking popular mobile food vendor that could be seen in Nnewi motor parks and shops marketing his food packs. Whenever Mr. Wisdom Okwuanalu’s food packs are close by, salivating food aroma will definitely hit your nostrils.

According to some of Mr. Wisdom’s Customers, Mr. Widom’s food is neatly packed and is very delicious, some of his customers also told us that they patronize Mr. Wisdom because of his cheerful nature.

With Mr. Wisdom Okwuanalu, cooking comes naturally, he simply enjoys cooking, and that informed his decision to go into the food business.

“My parents were caterers, so I grew up loving this. I can cook for two days without getting tired” he said.

Just like most people, his journey through life hasn’t been a bed of roses for him, it was not Mr. Wisdom’s intention to be a food vendor but circumstances or fate led him into it finally.

After venturing into many businesses that flopped, Mr. Wisdom decided to make a business out of his passion. So, he went to a catering school in Lagos where he spent three years learning how to prepare different recipes.

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When he returned to Nnewi to set up his business, he, first of all, studied Nnewi business environment as pertaining to his area of specialization.

“When I came back newly to Nnewi, it was difficult to sell food whenever I cook, so I sat down to study Nnewi well, I noticed that people preferred their foods being taken to their shops rather than them going to the restaurants to eat, so I decided to be a food vendor”

Mr. Wisdom identified his target customers as bankers, phone shop owners and employees who find it difficult to go and look for food.

“I studied my target audience and was able to find out that bankers, phone shops owners, and employees were my target consumers because they are always busy and do not have enough time to go out to eat, I switched to that segment of the market and had a brand name -WIZZY SPICY” he said .

Barely four months in the business, Mr. Wisdom Okwuanalu has become a household name, he is a success story.

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According to him,”Apart from people that come and eat in my shop, I sell forty to fifty take away packs of food daily at a price range of N300 – N400 to phone shops, what I do is to place the take- away food in a food warmer bag, and distribute with my motorcycle to those consumers, I sell to people at Nnewi G.S.M village, phone plaza adjacent to the First bank in roundabout, etc. I offer outdoor catering service too”.

The sky appears to be a mere starting point for Mr. Wisdom as he intends to expand his business tentacles.