Teni Changes Her Name To Teniola Dangote In A Meeting With The Nigerian Billionaire ( Video)

At a show where the singer was performing her hit sing- Case, she sang the lyrics to Dangote and declared herself his daughter

After which, Teniola Apata stated that her new name is Teniola Dangote
Wealth is very attractive and a man like Dangote who is Africa’s richest man will attest to this. Singer Teniola recently declared herself the newest daughter of the business magnate while she was performing at a function.

In the rather hilarious clip, which has now gone viral, Teni can be heard singing the lyrics from her hit single – Case, where she uses the line: ‘But my papa no be Dangote, but we go dey okay.’

Dangote who was captured seating on a round table with a group of business partners and friends sang along and laughed as Teni switched the lyrics and said: ‘But my papa be Dangote and we go dey okay.’

It was at that point she announced that she is the newest daughter of the multi-billionaire and her new name is Teniola Dangote

Singer Teniola Apata changes the name to Teniola Dangote on meeting the billionaire at a function

Watch the hilarious moment below: