I advise Nigerian citizens to leave

”I advise Nigerian citizens to leave” US-based Nigerian man

It might sound like a joke but most Nigerians have grown to hate their country and they express how they feel on social media. Many have lost faith in the system and most times, reflect how they feel about the country in posts.

For those who manage to get out of the country, the advice is often that others should leave. In fact, it is a common saying that it is better to be a Nigerian from outside the country.

A US-based Nigerian man identified as Emma Madu has shared a thought-provoking message in which he categorically advised Nigerians to leave the country if they get the opportunity.

He shared his life experience and revealed how he used to live in Onitsha and was managing a business but struggled at some point to get gas to power their factory generator which made him decide to leave the country.

He packed his bags and left the country and after staying in the United States for 15 years, securing his green passport and bringing his family over, he can say that it was the best decision he ever made.

His post read: “After running around looking for gas to power our factory generator in Onitsha, I did not even think twice when I got the chance to go to America. It is still the best decision of my life.

I got a job, went back to school while working. Became a US citizen, brought my brother to America, and built a house in Nigeria.

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Then went back to Nigeria to get married. Brought my wife to America and got her a green card. Now with 3 kids and 15 years in America last month, I can tell you sincerely, if you get the chance to move, move.