Mbamili Diocese Gets Two Boreholes, Five Generators From Nkpor Community, Idemili North

As part of their yearly appreciation and thanksgiving to God for his faithfulness, the Obiorah family of Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State has donated two boreholes through the Diocese of Mbamili Anglican Communion to two riverine communities in Anambra West Local Government Area.

Justice Peter Obiorah, supported by his wife, handing over the five power generators to Bishop Henry Okeke of Diocese of Mbamili, Anambra West Local Government Area, Anambra State.

They also donated five power generators to the Diocese, two of them to be given to the borehole beneficiary communities and the remaining three to be distributed to the needy churches in the Diocese.

The Obiora family also donated 50 copies of the Hymn Book, Igbo version, Ekpere na Abu to be distributed to the churches in the area for the worship of God.

Almost all the communities in Diocese of Mbamili, Anambra West Local Government Area, are surrounded by water, but lack water to drink and have resorted to drinking pond water thereby, constantly being exposed to water-borne diseases.

Almost all of them also have problem of access roads, except, those under Ifite anam communities, namely: Umueze Anam, Umuoba Anam, Mmiata Anam, and Iyiora Anam.

While those in Ezi Anam communities, namely: Umuikwu Anam, Umudora Anam, Oroma Etiti Anam, Umueme Anam and the Igala-speaking areas of Nzam, Innoma Odekpe, Allah, Ukwalla and Olumbanasa have no access road neither do they have drinking water.

The two boreholes were sunk at All Saints Anglican Church Igbedor, Olumbanasa Ward 1 and the other at Awokoro Nzam for the people to to have access to water.

Justice Chidi Obiorah, while presenting the boreholes, five generators and Hymn books on behalf of his family through the Bishop of the Diocese of Mbamili, Rt. Rev. Henry Okeke, said: “My family, (that is my mother, myself and my siblings), is a Christian family, and we have a mighty Altar in Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra State, we call it Jerusalem Villa where I preside as the Priest and we have a tradition, that despite whatever we do, to come to the Altar to give thanksgiving to God for what he is doing in our lives”

“Because that place is not a consecrated altar, I take the thanksgiving donations to any place the Holy Spirit directs me to take it. I simply tell my siblings and we take it to that place. We have done it for many years.”

According to the Nkpor born Judge, “ this year, like we have been doing, I asked for divine direction from God on where we should take the proceeds of the thanksgiving to, and unmistakably, the voice told me Diocese of Mbamili, Anambra West Local Government Area, but because of my engagements in the Osun State Election Petition Tribunal, it became difficult for me to come and present the donation, even though the borehole s have been sunk few months back. So God is not an author of confusion, we have done similar borehole project in my village in Nkpor and it has been running for the past eight years and people do not know the people behind it, all they know is the family, Jerusalem Villa ground where the borehole is located”

”I was, therefore, not surprised when God directed our family through me to sink two boreholes in two communities in Diocese of Mbamili, Anambra West Local Government Area, because God gave us a similar direction to sink borehole in our village in Nkpor for people to fetch water free of charge in Jerusalem Villa”

“And the instruction from God on the borehole in Jerusalem Villa was that we should endeavour to make water available on daily basis for the people, whether there is light or no light”

“However, we employed somebody to ensure that people get water there everyday free of charge and by the grace of God, for many years, the borehole has been serving the community on daily basis and we are happy”

“The instruction to donate to Mbamili Diocese communities was due in January, and now we are free from the election tribunal case in Osun State, I said we owe God and we must give out the boreholes, the five generators and the Hymn books before the end of March and that is what we have come to do today”

“The boreholes were sunk in different communities identified by the Bishop ofc the Diocese of Mbamili, Rt. Rev. Henry Okeke, who I asked for his direction where they will be located, while the five generators and the Hymn books, were presented at the Diocese of Mbamili Bishop’s Court, Umuikwu Anam.”

Justice Obiorah said: “While the two boreholes and five generators will serve the physical need of the people, the 25 copies of Hynm books will serve the spiritual needs of the people. We need to meet the spiritual need of the people because it is the ultimate in life and destination of all of us who want to see God”

“As a detribalised Anglican family, we have adopted Mbamili Diocese as where we will be sowing seeds, we will do more for the communities in the Diocese.”

Responding after receiving the items, Bishop Okeke recalled an encounter with Justice Obiorah in Warri, Delta State, where he whispered to him that he is coming to Mbamili Diocese for a mission and subsequently appealed to him to identify two communities in need, where his family will sink boreholes.

Bishop Okeke expressed happiness that his mission in Mbamili Diocese is expanding with more open doors. “God has always used people to affect positively the communities in this Diocese.

“In fact, I see these donations as new dimension to missionary work. As a family, you are here today, your entire family is here, your children and grand children are here, you have lifted this Diocese and you will be lifted. We are very grateful. We have challenge of water and electricity and many things; you have contributed your own quota, we say thank you”

“The Diocese is made up of mostly Igala people who are not really remembered by the successive state governments because of the terrain and location, they lack water and electricity”

“The water and generator came at the right time; it is timely because of the people and the children it will serve. What gives us happiness is when we meet the need of the people in that area. We are asking the state government to come to the aid of the people there”

“Some of the places can take up to three hours before you get there, they are close to Kogi State with high population, unfortunately, Kogi State did not accept them and Anambra State in which they are now, is not taking care of them, that is the pain. We thank Obiorah family for remembering them, each time we get this type of support, we feel emotional and excited.”




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