Things Fall Apart In Agbo-Edo Market In Nnewi Over “Toilet”

Some Traders in Agbo-Edo market of Nkwo Nnewi are vehemently protesting against the location of the newly built toilets while pointing accusing Fingers at the chairman of the market Mr. Christopher Osuojukwu Nwalupuo .

The traders were of the opinion that Agbo-edo market needs the toilet but were against building the toilets in front of the shops where visitors and traders park their bikes and vehicle.

READ ALSO: Anaedo As A Name Does Not Belong To Nnewi Citizens Alone spoke to a former member, board of trustee of Agbo-Edo Market, Mr. Joseph Enuma to get his view on this complaint, he was also of the opinion that sitting the toilet at that spot is unwise.

“It is one of the reasons why Nwalupuo sacked the Board of Trustees because we refused the location of the toilet. We are of the opinion that the toilet facility cannot be in front of the market because there is no way someone will build a house and erect toilet in front of the house instead of the back” also spoke to some of the market executives, they were all of the opinions that the toilet should not have been built at that spot.

A former chairman of Agbo Edo market called the Toilet an eye-sore.

However, when we spoke to Mr. Christopher Osuojukwu in a bid to get an explanation, he explained that the location of the toilet got the approval of the state govt.

He said,
“Before we started building that Toilet, Anambra state govt approved it, if you go to motor parts, you will see where their toilet was built. Obiano is aware of this toilet, we got approval, we also got approval from ASUDEB”


“That toilet was commissioned by the Commissioner of commerce and industry, all these toilet gossips are from my detractors who intend to contest for the election that is coming up in July”

Some other traders were indifferent about the toilet, we spoke with an underwear seller who pled anonymity, she said, “I’m not really bothered about the toilet because i don’t come here everyday”




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