The Place Called “Ozi Obi” In Nnewi

“OZI OBI” is a small out-building, separate from the main building seen in every compound you enter in Nnewi and Igbo land in General. When an Nnewi man has completed his main building, he is expected to erect his OZI OBI.

“Ozi Obi” i is also known as “Obi”

“OZI OBI” is the meeting place of the members of the family, they come together for meetings, settling of disputes, marriage celebration, child naming, etc.
Most importantly, it is a place where the Head of the family does his morning rituals and sacrifices to his ancestors.


Apart from the man having an OZI OBI in his compound for his own immidiate family use, the kindred of the man will also have their kindred “ozi obi” for the kindred’s usage.

Some of kindred’s “ozi obi” have a small inner room that can only be accessed by the person with the family’s “ofo”.

When it come to Ozi Obi, some rules must be observed before you enter and exit “ozi obi”.

*The most fundamental of such rule which particularly concerns women is that any woman that is observing her sacred days (menstruation) cannot enter “Ozi Obi”.

*A deceptive man, a murderer or rather, any man who indulges in evil acts is not allowed to enter the “ozi obi”.

*How many Compounds will you find “Ozi Obi” Today?
*The ones that have “Ozi Obi”, do they use the “Ozi Obi” for the right reasons?