Agbo-Edo Market Traders Complain About Storage Levy; Saying That Its Too High


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Nkwo Nnewi Market

Agbo-Edo Market Traders Complain About Storage Levy; Saying That Its Too High

Traders at AGBO EDO Market have complained about the storage levy that they are made to pay to the state Government , saying that its too high.

Some Agbo-Edo Market traders at Nkwo Nnewi complained to Anaedoonline about N12,200 storage levy that they pay to the state governemnt yearly , saying that its telling on their buisnesses .

A Provision seller who pled annonymity complained bitterly , saying,” We used to pay N1,200 , then all of a sudden it went up to N12,200 , this happened after this new Agbo-edo market chairman was elected ”
Majority of the AGBO -EDO market traders had the same story to tell about the storage levy .

According to a shoe-spray trader who fearfully spoke to us with an admonition not to mention his name , he said ,”Some of us dont have goods worth upto N50,000 in our shops , you can imagine how hard it is for us to keep our buisnesses running after paying N12,200 to the state govt” in a bid to know what the executives of Agboedo are doing to help the plight of the traders , we spoke to some of the executives who were all of the opinion that it is high but that they were helpless like the traders in this current embroglio.

The secretary of Agbo Edo market , Mr Christian Ubezuonu , told us ,” My brother , Its true , there was a time we were paying one thousand something , i think there was a time we even paid Five thousand , then all of a sudden it went up to N12,200″ he said .

Continuing , Mr Christian said ,”We cant do much because our market chairman seems to be okay with it , he just started complyimg with the directive without protest” spoke with some other executive members who collaborated what Mr Christian Ubezuonu said . however contacted The Chairman of Agbo-edo market , Mr Nwalupuo on the phone to get his comment as regards the complaint of the traders , Mr Nwalupuo while comfirming the Storage Levy also opined that the complaints are coming up now as a result of the orchestration of his detractors in the market.

He said,” When the state Govt govt came up this current rate , i protested against it to those in charge . My Brother , this is the revenue our state govt use to carry out projects . You can ask the chairmen of other markets , its not peculiar .Our market election is almost here , so i believe that this the work of my detractors , please dont mind them”

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