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Nonso Okafor


By now, every adult and teenager (even kids) domiciled in Nnewi and its neighbourhood must have heard the name, Nonso Smart Okafor. The name, Nonso Smart Okafor has become a household name. For those who are not conversant with that name, he is the candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, for State House of Assembly, Nnewi North Constituency.

I have known him for years. My family and friends will be casting our votes for Smart Nonso Okafor tomorrow, Saturday, March 9; and i have my reasons.

1. HUMILITY: Smart Okafor is a very humble man. True leadership and humility move together. To be a good leader, one has to be humble . A humble leader is an accessible leader. It pays to have a humble person as aa leader. If a representative is humble, members of his constituency can work into his office or house. A humble leader takes criticisms, he adjusts when and where necessary.

The first time I came in contact with Smart Nonso Okafor was during my university days. I met him at his book launch. Prior to that day, I was expecting a man with a huge body frame.

I was shocked at his body size the day I met him for the first time. My question when I met him was “is this the Smart na ewu-ewu ?” (Is this the Smart I’ve been hearing everywhere?)

Attendance at that book launch was very great, even as Smart was still a student of Oko Polytechnic then.

I felt that a student who was able to draw such calibre of men to his book launch must be great.

We became friends, and I watched him hold so many important positions and won so many prestigious awards in Nigeria.

I watched him wine and dine with the high and the mighty; yet, none of such achievements made him naughty or haughty. He remained humble; he remained the Nonso Smart I met at that book launch.

In my own candid judgement, Smart will be accessible to ndi Ndi Nnewi. He will take criticisms with humility. Power cannot arrogate arrogance on him overnight.

2. GOOD TRACK RECORD: Nonso Smart Okafor has very good track record. Even before I met him in person, I’ve already heard so much good things about him. Students in Nnewi, who knew him in person had so many good things to say about him. His tenure as the SUG President of Oko Polythecnic remains outstanding to this day.

Smart Nonso Ikafor has occupied many leadership positions and has replicated his quality leadership signature in all of them.

I have had encounters with different people, online and offline, who are full of praises for Smart Nonso.


Smart Nonso Okafor has a poor family background. What he has been able to achieve were due to hard work and grace of God. I am a witness to this young man’s early life; he ventured into many businesses: he failed in some and succeeded in many. He surmounted many obstacles, and worked out his success.

Smart Okafor did not go into politics as a source of livelihood; he saw politics as a means of service and not a means of enriching himself. This is why he went out of his way to create wealth before venturing into mainstream politics.

Smart will definitely replicate his success story at the State House of Assembly if he gets there.

4. IT IS STRATEGIC: There was a time in Anambra State when we were made to believe that state governors had little funds to carry out projects until Dr. Chris Ngige proved otherwise; and since then, Anambra State has been better off for it.

In my humble opinion, I believe that the performances of Nnewi’s previous House of Assembly representatives have not been befitting of a local government like Nnewi.

I believe that our elected representatives at the State Assembly can do more than they want us to believe; and that is why I want us to try Smart. Let us see how he will perform. I strongly believe he is will be a “Peter Obi” in the House of Assembly. Ndi Nnewi need a selfless leader like Smart!

Nnewi should not be rooting for Smart because they want do him favour; voting for him will guarantee quality represent

ation for Nnewi people; because, his antecedents are there. He has a tack record of being selfless and impartial. This man will rather starve than see people around him go hungry. Smart is a man of the people.




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