Correction and Dissociation By Chief Gabriel (Gabros) Chukwuma of Publication of 10/02/2019: BOMBSHELL – SUPPORTING IFEANYI UBAH, MOGHALU, A POLITICAL MISCALCULATION…

By and through this publication of 12/02/2019, I hereby dissociate my name with referenced Publication in which i was quoted out of context.

For the records, Chief Cletus (Omekannaya) Ibeto, my political and business mentor, is our undisputed Political Leader. I cannot and could not have, in good conscience, made any statement that would or could have undermined his position or person.

But I do realize that said Publication may have offended the sensibilities of my fellow Nnewi Stakeholders in general and Chief Cletus (Omekannaya) Ibeto in particular. And, for such unintended embarrassment, I most sincerely apologize.

In closing and for the avoidance of any iota of doubt, Nnewi Interest, for me, is sacrosanct and non-negotiable. And, my antecedents will attest to that.

Chief Gabriel (Gabros) Chukwuma





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