By Kenechukwu Okoye

It is so unfortunate that the media camp of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) Candidate for Nnewi North Seat at the Anambra State House of Assembly in the person of Dr. Obinna Ngonadi has taken to propaganda and grave misinformation to the public as a tool to woo for votes.

Instead of engaging in an issue-based campaign, they have decided to sell half-truths, tissues of lies and fake stories in order to undermine the integrity of one of its major contenders, Comrade Okafor Nonso Smart, the Nnewi North APGA candidate for Anambra State House of Assembly.
One of such tissues of lies is that the election of Dr. Obinna Ngonadi will ensure that Okada ban will not and never be implemented in Nnewi.

In a meeting by the members of Auto Parts Importers Association held recently at the residence of Mr. Humprey Ngonadi, the father and sponsor of Obinna Ngonadi, misinformed the members by stating that a vote for his son will ensure that Okada ban will not and never be effected in Nnewi because his son will oppose every move by the state governor to ban Okada in Nnewi.

It is so unfortunate that a delicate issue such as this could be used as a campaign strategy. There is no doubt that any ban on Okada or motorcycle in the metropolitan town of Nnewi will go down as an unpopular act of government and will definitely cause untold hardship to the people of Nnewi. Therefore, there would be no right-thinking Nnewi indigene in a position of the government that will ever support such move; not less the candidate of APGA, Smart Okafor, who has a history of defending the masses and the less privileged in all occasions he has been privileged to serve.

There are gains and advantages of being a majority party member. There are gains to that effect and Nnewi should take advantage of its attendant benefits by ensuring that it votes massively for the APGA candidate.

One, APGA as the majority party will control the Rules Committee and decides how each bill will be considered by the whole of the House of Assembly members. Two, the majority party enjoys advantages over the minority regarding leadership posts or positions, number of party members assigned to each committee and subcommittee, as well as committee chairmen.

APGA will decide the heads of committees, particularly the lucrative committees. If Nnewi votes for YPP, Nnewi will not head any major house committee.

Again, if there is a bill that will not be favorable to the constituency of a majority party member, he will enjoy the privilege of lobbying his colleagues against the presentation of such bill; and if by any instance the bill is presented to the floor of the House, a majority house member has a greater advantage to lobby fellow party members to stand against the bill more than a minority member. The majority will always have their way; the minority can only have their say.

With all the advantages that accrue to being in the majority party, the question Ndi Nnewi should be asking is “Can a minority member have its way in a democratic setting?” No way. It is practically impossible for a minority member to have its way in any matter except in a matter of National interest.

Therefore, it is only an APGA member in the Anambra State House of Assembly that can deliver the best dividends to Ndi Nnewi and will ensure that Oke Nnewi Aya Efu.
It is only an APGA member in the Anambra State House of Assembly that will ensure that there will be no Okada or motorcycle ban in Nnewi if the issue will ever arise at all.

Ndi Nnewi should ensure they vote wisely and much more, vote according to knowledge and not propaganda.




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