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Nnewi is a town that has a long history of people known all over the world for discipline, honesty and integrity in every sphere of life. Through their ingenuity, industry and sagacity, Ndi Nnewi has been known for pacesetting across all strata of life. However, there appear to be bad eggs in the town who instead of contributing to the growth of the town or rather, promoting the image of the town, are seen engaging in fraudulent activities and questionable acts which most times are being neglected.

The Yearly Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi Show which is being organized by Prepe Entertainment allegedly owned by Ogochukwu Obiefuna from Umudim Nnewi is one that needs public scrutiny. The show which started in 2013 according to information available, appears to have lost its purported vision (If any) and has become a show which appears to have the 3 Fs, which is, fixed, fake and fraudulent.

The pageantry show which should have been a competition and supposed to give young women the platform to positively influence the society, promote our culture, showcase their intellectual depth, drive positive change and inspire other young women both in Nnewi and beyond appears to have become a platform used to defraud the unsuspecting public and cause misery for our young ladies.


The latest of the show which held on Sunday, 30th December 2018, raises a lot of questions and concerns over the sincerity of the organizers. The result of the pageantry show which was scheduled to start by 7 pm but started around 10 pm and ended around 4:30 am of the next morning indeed raised many eyes brows.

Beaming our searchlight on the show has revealed many pathetic developments that are not worthy to be associated with a great town like Nnewi. As gathered from some of the participants, one of the criteria for participation was that every of the contestant must be an indigene of Nnewi. It is surprising to state that only Four (4) out of the thirteen (13) final participants were from Nnewi. This assertion can further be proved from the embarrassing sight of the video interview of the pageants by where the ladies could not speak Igbo, the organizers hurriedly stopped the interview to avoid further embarrassment.


Another issue which calls for a lot of concern remains the issue of selling tickets by the contestants. It appears Ogochukwu Obiefuna is clearly relying on the contestants to sell tickets to enable her to host the show and pay her bills. In that of 2018/2019, the contestants were given tickets worth Two hundred thousand Naira to sell. As gathered, since the show started, it was only contestants that sold the complete tickets eventually emerges winners, yet, Ogochukwu Obiefuna, promised that selling of tickets is never a criterion that determines winners of the competition. This clearly shows that the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi is not a competition, rather, it is a show where you pay, sell tickets and win.

If winning the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi is about who sells her tickets and not based on idolizing young beauties by giving them platforms to showcase their talents, why do the organizers continue to go soliciting for sponsorship?

For those who were at the venue of the show, if viewed from the obvious, the girl that was declared the winner of the show by all standards never merited the crown. It was shocking to hear that she was declared the winner. Findings proved that the winner engaged in various backdoor activities to be declared a winner.


The winner, Mirabel, as clearly verified is not an indigene of Nnewi, during the camping session which the contestant paid twenty thousand Naira (#20,000), her Mother was the only visitor that was allowed into the camp by the organizers on several occasions, in fact, she was also seen in the camp the particular night the competition was scheduled, yet, relations and friends of other contestants were not given such privilege. It is important to state here that one of the camp rules states that visitors of any kind are not allowed into the camp. So what happened in the case of Mirabel’s Mother?

Clearly, the performances of Mirabel in all the categories of the competition never qualified her to emerge the winner, her emergence really shocked the crowd as those that attended the event registered their dissatisfaction through raising their voices in criticism of the judges.

One the judges of the pageantry who confided to one his friend, registered displeasure over the result, according to the judge, the result presented to the chief judge of the pageantry was not accepted and the chief judge never cared to reconcile with the results of the other two judges.

It was also learnt from a reliable source, that car presented to the winner was never a new car, it was gathered, that Ogochukwu Obiefuna have been driving the car in the streets of Lagos State, months before the competition, a closer look at the car showed that it appears that the car was painted newly.

Truth be told, are the organisers of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi fraudsters? Why are they making promises they can’t fulfil? Is the show a make-believe show that relies on people’s pocket?

From available sources, Ogochukwu Obiefuna does not have any known business she does in Lagos, does it mean that she has decided to turn pageantry which should produce young women who are beautiful, intelligent, socially responsible, and committed to service to humanity to her business venture which is being built on deceit?

It is funny to state that the show which had sponsors, with thousands of tickets sold ended up having fifty Naira (#50) Gala and one sachet of water served as refreshment?

It is important to recall in 2016, the show which took place in F.C Ifeanyi Ubah Stadium Nnewi ended up embarrassing Ndi Nnewi after the girls failed to answer questions that were considered simple. The girls could not provide an answer to questions like the name of the Governor of Anambra State, the name of Igwe Nnewi, the name of the President of Nzukora Nnewi and the rest. From a reliable source, we learnt since that edition ended, contestants were always informed of the questions they will be asked during the show. What does this mean?

In that of last year, the organizers of MBGN promised the winner a brand new car, modelling/movie contract, portfolio and other cash prizes for other contestants of the competition, from information gathered, she only gave the winner a fairly used car with other contestants going home with nothing.

It is unfortunate that after six years of the show, the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi does not have any registered brand/title name and logo, it does not have affiliations or association with any reputable organization, no office yet, the event does not have any media coverage and no modelling agencies are involved.

It is time Ndi Nnewi and concerned Stakeholders rise to ask questions about the Most Beautiful Girl in Nnewi show. We cannot continue to allow few individuals to continue to cause misery for our young women with their fraudulent practices.


By Okeke Ikechukwu




  1. Please, who ever you are that wrote this things please its high time you grow up to know what contest is all about. If you haven’t organised any before don’t try criticizing another persons effort. I am not from nnewi but I was present at that event on 30th and to me it went OK and fair. I payed for ticket not because I couldn’t enter there free but an event of such arrangement no. Matter how poor it seems to you requires lots of finance. Non of the contestant where forced into selling ticket, its a procedure and they accepted it. So don’t judge wrongly, par adventure ur sister was among the contestant or u were among and didn’t make it to the top, that should not warrant all this dirty stories u are telling me here. Just tty again this year u might win the used car as u called it, cos am sure u have non.

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