Diocese on the Niger, Anglican Communion, and its counterpart, Catholic Diocese of Nnewi, yesterday called on Christians all over the world to embrace peace, as it is the greatest thing Christmas, which is the birth of Christ cab brings.

Speaking through their Bishops, Rt. Rev. Owen Nwokolo and Most Rev. Hilary Odili Okeke, respectively, they urged churches to preach peace, honesty and doing the right things at every given time and seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

Bishop Nwokolo, in his Christmas message, while addressing newsmen in Onitsha, called on Christians all over the country to work as one and shun scapegoatism.

“We should also use this Christmas to make peace as individuals as communities, in various communities we are aware that they are fighting themselves over lands, over who will become traditional rulers and President General of the communities, but they should take steps to make peace because Christmas brings peace, God love peace and those celebrating him should be peaceful in all they do.

“We also call on people to stop removing ancient boundaries because it is the cause of land disputes between individuals and communities. God created ancient boundaries to ensure demarcations between the river and the lands, but people deliberately remove ancients marks that show boundaries and it is causing a lot of quarrels in our society.

“Those who fight over land is because ancient boundaries created by God have been removed, we in the world should not change established landmarks, because when God created the world, he ensured there are boundaries, whatever we are doing, we should also make sure we focus on God, seek his kingdom and righteousness.”


Catholic Bishop of Nnewi, while delivering his own Christmas message in Nnewi, titled “Christmas, Celebration of joy” said the birth of Jesus Christ brought another crisis that also brought about victory and joy.

“The birth of Jesus Christ unsettled King Herod, who tried in vain to k**l him, in pretence that he was going to pay homage to him, and the soldiers who he sent to go and k**l him after the disappointment by his wise men who would have given him information of how to k**l Jesus Christ at birth. He also said that “the experience in our society these days need all believers to rejoice in spite of many challenges in the society, the killings, kidnappings, bribery and corruption, poverty, difficulties and troubles facing the people should normally keep people sad, but our experience about the birth of Christ and His life in this world should make believers in Christ embrace the gift of God, joy to the world.

“The church is not there to fight anybody, even the greatest criminal, rather the church preaches peace and will continue to preach peace. People should embrace peace, honesty and do the right things always.”




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