The batteries generate 2.33v watts each
There’s is no doubt that talent is locked in several areas of Nigeria, waiting to be discovered. Just recently a group of Nigerian school students made interesting discoveries and invented impressive machines.
Reports reaching anaedoonline reveal that a village school located in Akwa, Anambra state has gifted kids who have no access to electricity, internet or world-class civilization, yet they built a generator which runs on water, a bio-digester, a torch light powered by potatoes and a rocket launcher.
Anambra school children built a generator which runs on water
The creation of a generator which runs on water will be one of the firsts in the world. Interestingly, the machine generates 610 watts of electricity and was tested for about five hours in which it powered a bulb.
Photos of the inventions of the brilliant minds have been making waves online, with many agreeing that with such limited exposure, the students can bring such to life. There’s no stopping them if they have access to better and quality education.
Anambra school created a digester which converts waste to useful products
Part of their invention was also a digester which breaks waste including plastics into different useful and valuable components that can be used for other things.
The students also made batteries from discarded Dettol bottles. Each cell generates more than 3 watts of electricity.
They also made a rocket launcher. Surprisingly, reports state that the kids have never heard of fourth industrial revolution.




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