School in Anambra empowers bright students with goats(Pictures)


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A Nigerian school located in Anambra has showcased a new way of empowering students – Santa Mary Nursery and Primary school surprised it’s best students from form one to six with a goat gift – According to the organisers, they are teaching the kids how to care for animals We often hear stories of best graduating students being gifted tubers of yam and all sort of prizes in Nigeria, as a symbol of their hard work and dedication to their studies.
While it seems hilarious to most people on social media, the students appreciate the gifts and post to show it off. Such is the case of the students of Santa Mary Nursery and Primary school, located in Anambra who were recently gifted goats for being the best academically, in their respective classes. The photos of the young student posing with their goats have torn the internet apart but a certain Tobenna Obiano revealed that the prize concept is in line with the Ora Goat project, where the people hope to train the students on how to care for the animals and even pay their fees when the goats begin to multiply.
He said: “The essence of the project is to inculcate the habit of caring in the Children and also to assist the children in paying their school fees through the proceeds from the goats as it begins to multiply. As the children learn how to care for the goats, they will as well learn how to care for themselves, parents, family, etc and the society at large especially in this milieu where nobody hardly cares.”
Unknown to many, the gift of a goat is special in Igbo culture. And rather than aesthetics, the school opted for something more symbolic, which only those from the Nibo area of Anambra and other Igbo areas will truly understand. It is said that only treasured children are considered worthy enough to receive goats. The idea of the gift is to teach children valuable lessons in tending, nurturing and care-giving, which ordinarily can’t be taught in the classrooms. Meanwhile, recently, the best graduating student of creative advertising, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) was gifted 18 cups of beans , paw paw and a yam tuber for being a brilliant mind among 150 students.

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