I will not Debate with Osinbajo – Prof Moghalu


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Kingsley Moghalu, the presidential candidate of the Young Progressive party (YPP) in an interview yesterday on Channels TV, made some insightful expositions on his ambitions and aspirations as a presidential candidate.Professor Moghalu used the opportunity to condemn the zoning system which has been in use in the political chain of the office of presidency in Nigeria. In his words “it is not audacious for a citizen of Nigeria to refuse to become a victim of political apathy. There’s nothing audacious about it. It is the exercise of my rights and aspirations as a Nigerian and the vision I have for the Nigerian people.”He went ahead to state that zoning is unconstitutional but rather a practice by one or two parties which he is not a member of. The professor affirmed his interest in the unity of the country by proclaiming; “I do not see myself as an Igbo man, I see myself as a Nigerian (of an Igbo extraction).”On the non-popularity of the YPP and his solid confidence of victory from the platform, he declared that “the party is based on an ideology that they both share. YPP is focused on the masses not the elite.” Prior to the interview, Moghalu had stated in his acceptance speech that we are setting our destiny and that our problem is the current political class. More interestingly is the statistical analysis of how deeply Nigeria has been affected as proffered by the Professor. “Nigeria is 60 and is rated the poverty capital of the world. For about 200million people, Nigeria has only 4000MWs of electricity, compare to South Africa and Brazil which has 50million and 210million citizens and have 40,000 and 120,000MWs of electricity respectively. Blaming our past and present political leaders, he warned Nigerians “enough of these old recycled politicians, they have nothing new to offer. I am bringing something different, something bold, something new.” Moghalu outlined 3 power points which he said his economic policies will be based on: Property rights, Innovation and capital. He furthermore made a promise of setting out 1trilion naira for the extermination of unemployment, 500bn from both the Government and the private sector and also establishing skills acquisition and vocational training institutes in the 774 LGAs in the country.When asked if he would you go on a debate against President Buhari, Professor Moghalu confidently challenged the incumbent president and candidates from various political parties to the debate. He said “Buhari should not even try to evade the debate by sending the vice president to represent him, rather Osinbajo should debate against his fellow vice presidential candidates.”



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