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By Prince Igwebuike Chike Somtochukwu
Writing this is out of pain and heartbreak of what are the recent happenings in my nation Africa – The Beautiful Black Lady. The tears which have flowed my eyes since the advent of this problem has metamorphosed into a lake of ink and it will not dry until the Africa we want comes. We have neglected the cry of dear mother Africa. The rape of the beautiful grandmother. We have neglected her thinking she has passed her prime. How can she, when she still has her Breasts Standing and pointed, her hips still elegant and her face still beautiful with the evident traces of dimples without wrinkles?
Do you feel her pain? My writings are gotten from inspiration when she groans. Her groan in the act of Machoism has made her a very easy target in the war of the weak and the strong. Her problem is a result of her Children not wanting to unite and face the common enemy on her hordes. They have resorted to internal Wars and conflicts, crises and killings, and these have made them vulnerable to miscreant acts of neo-colonization and imperialism.
I want us to understand that no African is safe or innocent of the impending war knocking on our shores. The rich, the poor, the Young, the old, the blacks, the whites in Africa are all answerable to what is going on in this continent. I want to prohibit out that poverty and illiteracy are not the problems of Africa. I believe that the problem of Africa is not the involvement of dirty men in the neat game called Politics. What then do I believe is the problem of Africa?
The problem with Africa is Education. Education is not a process of passing through formal, informal and non-formal schooling system. It is beyond the brain can conceive. It is beyond what the physical realm can receive. It is transcendental. It is metaphysical. Education means imbibing morals into the subconsciousness of an individual which is practicable and influences his relationship in the human society. This pragmatism can only come when there is a meditation of what has been learnt to give a complete whole.
The problem with Africa is that over the years, we have tended to instruct than to educate. Africa has done well enough to pass down information but has failed woefully to dispatch the illuminating, grassroots work of education which releases the caged mind of the human spirit to embrace the wholesome and collective virtues of reason and reasoning. Education cannot produce leaders who seek for their own self-enrichment and aggrandizement.
The transformation centre of education is the mind and the transmission centre is Brain. I believe that the reason why my Africa has been Renascent is that the African mind has not been exposed to the science of reason and reasoning which will stir on the mind the yearning to perform towards the collective benefits of the inhabitants of the continent. Education is not a key but the key to this chest of unfathomable, unimaginable beauty and virtue. I believe in an ideal Society but no society can be ideal when there are no ideal minds. Men are made in their minds and the societies are made by men. This is the sole goal of education, to free the human mind of all hatred, prejudice, racism, nepotism, despotism, and rancour. Without this, Africa will continue to be a ship moving in an oscillatory motion around the Bermuda Triangle of Light and Darkness thinking it has reached the level of Gnosticism.
So, what is my preachment? I advocate for an Africa that has been radically revolutionized by the force of education. An Africa where there is no moral decadence. Morality and virtue preached. An Africa in which there is the universality of human Brotherhood and Universality of God’s Fatherhood.
I preach one Africa, outside tribalism. I preach one Africa outside skin colour, language, culture, custom, tradition, tribe, country, In which the African resources are used for the collective good of all Africans. I believe that there can be an Africa without war. And this can only happen when Africa stops informing and approaches the Philosophy of Education Squarely.
My Name is Prince Igwebuike Chike Somtochukwu My passion is coming up with creative ways to express a message and drawing illustrations that people share on T.V

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