FEMINISM: The Undefined Truth


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By Prince Igwebuike Chike Somtochukwu
My name is Prince Igwebuike Chike Somtochukwu and I’m a feminist. I am a feminist because I believe in an equal inequality. I believe that the original idea of the ideology has been watered down by

my generation who has no Idea of what feminism is and really stands for.I believe that feminism is the remedy for the present social maladies we face as humans and the only way to solve it is to rightly define things. I have a definition of feminism which I must be allowed to voice out before receiving the criticism. I must be allowed to tell the tale of what feminism is to me.
Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men. This is my own definition of feminism. It is meant to advocate for the right of women politically, economically, socially and professionally. It is targeted to give women a voice and a chance in their society to contribute to the development process of the society and foster mutuality between the men folk and the women folk. It was meant for the society. It was an ideology for both men and women alike to believe in and fight for. Fight, for our women who are the catalyst for the progress of every society. Stand by them. Voice our support against abuse of women. Speak as lone voices for them when all other voices go dumb or refuse to speak due to conventions of society. This is FEMINISM for me. This is the course I have chosen to champion. The equal right of men and women.
I wrote my Script “Stitches” after I read an article on Facebook advocating for the equal rights of women in their homes where the men and women are to be seen as equals and must shoulder responsibilities co-jointly. A wife shares the status of bread winner with her husband (if the writer of the post ever suggested marriage) and must draw a time table of chores for the both of them to share. A wife goes to work and comes back home late. She doesn’t cook for her husband. She doesn’t spend time with family. Her kids are far from her. She reminds her husband that they partners and not a couple. She bears her surname even after marriage with the excuse that she did not become a new creature after marriage. Something outside equality.
For my generation, feminism has been tagged to hating men than empowering women , and also in this generation, feminism is seeing women as more important than men (though I share that idea). For my generation, it is “what a man can do, a woman should do” and no longer “can do better”. They want to be like men which will make them a copy of who they were originally created by the Almighty. They have refused the background which is the center of the whole action on this planet. They want to be attributed the credits of their inventions (which is rationally understandable). I understand in a generation where poverty is the order of the day and people’s intellectual property is not safe guarded by any legal rights, it is natural for women to want a place in the world scene. My own generation of feminist wants the spot light (which is the one thing every human being wants). But I think this madness is on the spread because we have not actually defined who a woman is and her role in the development of the society. Until this question is answered, this battle of the two sexes going on all in the name of feminism will lead to a gender war
The woman is not a man and was never created to be a man. She was created as a help meet (not mate) to them. I am not a Christian but I would love to make citations from the Bible (New King James Version) which answers the question of feminism. Genesis 2 v 18 the Bible uses the word helper comparable to him. The word comparable does not show any sign of inferiority but superiority. It shows greater, unmatched.
I believe in the idea that the man is the head, but I also believe that the woman is the neck that stirs the head and the head can’t do without the neck. The man is the Television; the woman is the remote that controls the activities of the Television. They have this rare ability of maximizing little dreams. They have in them what it takes to turn an ordinary man into extraordinary being that shakes the world. Behind every successful man, there is a woman, be it wife, mother sister, friend, or even babe, but without that woman, your dreams will only be mere hallucinations- reveries. But check, behind every successful woman, it is still a woman. Men! They are good. They are much more than a gender. They are a movement. They are the transformation force of the society. In fact, we owe the match of civilization to these gems found everywhere that we have so lost every sense of value for them. We men rule the world, they rule the men. They are the actual rulers.
I think I understand the reason for the modern madness all in the name of Feminism. It is very simple. We see them as the weaker stock. As emotional beings, they want all the love that there can be to have for their place in the world which has been denied them by men who are so selfish and concrete than they are. They attribute all the achievements to themselves. The least the woman wants is some respect for her submission. For making you the man you are, for building your dreams with you, for giving up on their will to love and respect you. I don’t think they are asking for too much. They are asking for a little acknowledgement and appreciation for their efforts.
I don’t want to stop writing this article but I must drop it here with a few warnings. Feminism is for all of us but should not be an issue that will ruin homes in the coming years. We must know that what we hear as feminism is but irrationality, but true feminism is a social equality that entails submission to one’s spouse. In submission, I mean not humiliation but in humility. I also want to say that women should not strive for equal status with the men. They are far way more than them. They should maintain their place as it was initially set in the order of things and watch as the vast empire of men bow to their supremacy.
I’m a Feminist to the core. I live and fight for the rights of women. This is who I am.
My name is Prince Igwebuike Chike Somtochukwu My passion is coming up with creative ways to express a message, and drawing illustrations that people share on T.V
Thank You.

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