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Worried about the dying Igbo cultural heritage, a Spanish based Igbo cultural organization ‘Ndozi Odinala Igbo’ is facilitating the resuscitation of ancient Igbo philosophies and ideologies, for utilization in the development of Igbo land.
The Ndozi Odinani Heritage Centre which is

 strictly for the purpose of Research, Teachings, Art, Craft, Science & Technological Training will be focusing on resurrecting the Igbo cult

ure. Ndozi Odinala Centre offers our generation a scientific view of our world to guide and protect the people against many lies and deception that is inherent in human feelings and thinking of Ndi Igbo.
The event which holds on the 25th of August 2018 at Igbo Heritage Center, Umumeagbu Uruagu Nnewi by 11am aims to build upon the actual realistic, and humanistic elements of the Igbo culture, portraying several sociological and phenomenal issues, and to certain aspects, scientific and technological patterns along which the spirit of that which could be referred to as Igbo Philosophy finds expression.
According to the project coordinators, the Ndozi Odinala Igbo focuses on cultural renaissance, community development, youth empowerment, education, health and other. The revival starts with the development of the mind, cultivating the mind of Ndi Igbo with our own ideologies.
The idea behind choosing Nnewi is because Nnewi is the home of Igbo science and technology (Nka n’uzu) hence the need to resuscitate the Igbo ancient Nka n’uzu and relate it to the dictates of modern science and technology.
There will be a lot of Entertainment which includes Cultural dances, Oja(Flute) playing competition, etc. Most importantly, there will be a lecture on Odinani philosophy in Igbo Cosmology.

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